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TRANSrisk conducted 15 case studies that explore the transition to low-carbon economies, including 14 country-level case studies and one at the global and regional level.

Source: Transitions Pathways and Risk Analysis for Climate Change Mitigation and Adaption Strategies (TRANSrisk)
Date: November 2016

This newsletter highlights how work on climate change mitigation and transparency issues has progressed since the Bonn Climate Change Conference in 2016.

Source: UNFCCC Secretariat: Mitigation, Data and Analysis Unit
Date: June 2016

This annual report provides a comprehensive and detailed picture of the investment landscape across fuels, technologies and countries.

Source: International Energy Agency (IEA)
Date: September 2016

This statistical report is designed to help readers understand what drives final energy use in IEA member countries in order to improve and track national energy efficiency policies.

Source: International Energy Agency

This is an overview of the food-energy-water nexus from Dr. Noureddin Driouech (UC Berkeley). Understanding the complex relationship between water, energy and food systems has become critically important to the development of a sustainable and secure future for all nations and regions.

Source: University of California Berkeley

The purpose of this report was to assist European Commission Member State governments in preparing for the implementation of the Renewable Energy Directive (2009/28/EC) and to guide a European policy for Renewable Energy Standards (RES) in the mid- to long-term.

Source: European Commission, Ecofys, Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research ISI, Energy Economics Group, Lithuanian Energy Institute
Date: October 2009

This webinar focuses on the potential of automotive propane, also known as autogas, in Europe and globally.

Source: Argus Media
Date: January 2010

This website provides a summary and webcast recordings of the World LP Gas Association's 2010 American-European Summit. The summit brought together over 200 propane industry leaders and energy experts from 20 countries.

Source: World LP Gas Association

This webinar focuses on "feebates," which might provide be an effective means of pulling technology into a fleet but which are often not well understood.

Source: International Council on Clean Transportation
Date: December 2010

This European Commission report details the benefits and costs of implementing a bicycle share program in a city, preferably a large one.

Source: European Commission