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This report presents a technical analysis of the effect of biodiesel on exhaust emissions from diesel-powered vehicles. The purpose of the report is to provide information to interested parties who may be evaluating the value, effectiveness and appropriateness of the use of biodiesel.

Source: United States Environmental Protection Agency
Date: October 2002

This resource is designed to provide policymakers and interested individuals and groups with overviews of policy tools and approaches to improving fleet-wide automobile fuel efficiency and promote lower CO2 and non-CO2 emissions from cars, along with case studies that depict these approaches fro

Source: FIA Foundation, International Energy Agency, International Transport Forum, United Nations Environment Programme

This document intends to create a common knowledge base of electric vehicle (EV) requirements for stakeholders involved in the development of EV charging infrastructure.

Source: Electric Transportation Engineering Corporation
Date: April 2010

This workshop was intended to advance deployment of electric plug-in vehicles and related infrastructure. In this meeting, DOE gathered information and lessons learned from communities in the process of launching programs to deploy electric drive vehicles.

Date: December 2010

This report provides an overview of the work being done in each sector of the economy and highlights the Natural Resources Canada’s efficiency and alternative energy programs and achievements for the 2009-2010 fiscal year.

Source: Natural Resources Canada
Date: January 2011

This comprehensive website provides information about vehicle fuel economy estimates, greenhouse gas emissions from passenger vehicles, benefits of improved fuel economy, as well as resources related to alternative fuels and advanced vehicles.

Source: United States Department of Energy, United States Environmental Protection Agency

The Green Vehicle Guide provides information about the environmental performance of new light-duty vehicles sold in Australia, including carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and fuel consumption.

Source: Australian Department of Infrastructure and Transport

This website is the host for the Global Fuel Economy Initiative, which launched the 50by50 challenge to facilitate large reductions of greenhouse gas emissions and oil use through improvements in automotive fuel economy.

Source: FIA Foundation, International Energy Agency, International Transport Forum, United Nations

This report examines the status of the science and technology that are the foundation of the U.S. energy system, together with the research, development, demonstration, and deployment (RDD&D) opportunities to advance them.

Source: U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)
Date: September 2015

This report describes how member states in the United Nations Economic Commission (UNECE) for Europe have different energy situations and vary in their potential for and progress in renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Source: Renewable Energy Policy Network for the 21st Century (REN21)
Date: January 2015