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This roadmap update provides an overview of global hydrogen and fuel cell markets as context for the activities of the Canadian industry.

Source: Government of Canada
Date: December 2008

This U.S. Department of Energy document examines the history of the diesel engine; its current uses in transportation vehicles; and the challenges it faces relative to increasing efficiency while meeting new emission standards at a competitive cost.

Source: United States Department of Energy
Date: July 2010

This paper reviews the potential of alternative fuels and powertrains to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from all motorized transport in the short and long term.

Source: European Commission
Date: December 2009

This roadmap establishes a “big picture” vision for the plug-in vehicle industry; sets approximate, feasible goals and milestones; and identifies the steps to achieve them. The roadmap also outlines action items for different stakeholders.

Source: International Energy Agency
Date: January 2009

This website provides a compilation of fuel consumption ratings for passenger cars and light-duty pickup trucks, vans and special purpose vehicles sold in Canada. The website links to the Fuel Consumption Guide and allows users to search for vehicles from current and past model years.

Source: Natural Resources Canada

This compilation of case studies shows how fleets are using alternative fuel vehicles, dealing with infrastructure issues, obtaining funding and more. The case studies can be sorted by vehicle category, fuel/technology type and fleet application.

Source: United States National Renewable Energy Laboratory

This website provides information on the HyFLEET: Clean Urban Transport for Europe (CUTE) Fuel Cell Bus Demonstration Project in Europe including the design, construction and testing of the next generation of fuel cell and internal combustion engine buses; development and testing of new fueling

Source: European Commission

This website hosts the Electric Vehicle (EV) Project, which characterizes vehicle use in diverse topographic and climatic conditions, evaluates the effectiveness of charge infrastructure, and conducts revenue system trials for commercial and public charge infrastructures.

Source: United States Department of Energy

This website serves as the portal for Project Get Ready, a non-profit initiative that will: create a menu of plug-in readiness actions; provide a web-based database of plug-in readiness activities; regularly convene leaders from at least 20 U.S.

Source: Rocky Mountain Institute

This report attempts to capture the critical features and complexities of resource and electricity planning.

Source: Prayas, Energy Group, World Resources Institute
Date: May 2014