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This resource—which is one of many instrument summaries offered by the Clean Energy Finance Solutions Center—provides in-depth information about bonds, including best practices, case studies, design and implementation information, experts and training opportunities.

Source: Clean Energy Finance Solutions Center

This study evaluates the performance of hybrid and electric models available on the Indian market (1) in comparison to their non-hybrid or non-electric base models and (2) in the context of fuel economy regulations in India as well as life-cycle CO2 emissions.

Source: The International Council on Clean Transportation
Date: December 2016

This roadmap is designed to provide stakeholders from government, industry and other bioenergy-related institutions with the methodology and tools required to successfully plan and implement a roadmap for bioenergy at the national or regional level.

Source: International Energy Agency
Date: January 2017

From the executive summary: “This study indicates there are major challenges ahead for Ethiopia to finance its response to climate change. The national Climate Resilient Green Economy strategy has called for annual spending of USD 7.5 billion to respond to climate change.

Source: Overseas Development Institute
Date: June 2014

This brief quantifies air pollution and climate change externalities related to fossil fuels, along with the extent these can be reduced with higher uptake of renewables.

Source: International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)

This paper examines the trade-offs associated with producing fuel and food from algae at the energy–food–water–climate nexus.

Source: Environmental Research Letters
Date: October 2017

This research seeks firstly to identify and help decision-makers visualize reservoir management strategies which result in the best possible (Pareto-optimal) allocation of benefits between sectors.

Source: Hydrology and Earth System Sciences
Date: January 2014

This slide presentation on the energy-water nexus' challenges and opportunities includes information on present and future challenges and potential solutions to those.

Source: Sandia National Laboratories
Date: March 2016

This edition, the third edition of REthinking Energy presents evidence and a narrative of how renewable energy is being produced and used.

Source: International Renewable Energy Agency