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  1. Assessing Wind Energy Potential with the New Global Wind Atlas

    released Global Wind Atlas —a new data set and suite of tools available via the IRENA Global Atlas platform ... that provides no-cost, very high-resolution worldwide wind data for the first time. Assessing Wind ... Energy Potential with the New Global Wind Atlas Clean Energy Solutions Center International Renewable ...

    November 2015

  2. The Economics of Wind Energy: A Report by the European Wind Energy Association

    This report presents and analyzes the financial and economic aspects of wind energy, from the very ... basic cost of wind energy as it leaves the farm to the effect large amounts of wind energy in the ... electric system have on the power price. The report considers the way wind energy is financed through ...

    European Wind Energy Association?

    March 2009

  3. Wind Power and the Clean Development Mechanism: Emerging Practices in Developing Wind Power Projects for the Clean Development Mechanism

    This report provides an overview of emerging practices in develping wind power projects for the ... to various wind energy projects for the CDM, and a financial evaluation of the projects. The report ... concludes with a case study of the Zafarana Wind Power Project. Wind Power and the Clean Development ...

    Riso National Laboratory

    June 2005

  4. Grid Integration of Wind Power: Best Practices for Emerging Wind Markets

    This report describes the impact of wind power on the grid, methods to analyze the impact and ... States that include Texas and Colorado have achieved high penetration of wind energy with modest changes ... to the grid. The key to high penetration of wind energy has been flexible grids, according to the ...

    April 2016

  5. Wind Resource Mapping in Ethiopia: Mesoscale Wind Modeling Report

    wind mapping project for Ethiopia. The interim mesoscale modelling results were calculated from the ... method used to run the mesoscale simulations and to generalize the WRF model wind climatologies. A number ... 1 output. In Section 4 the results are presented, including some examples of local wind climates. Section ...

    February 2016

  6. 30 Years of Policies for Wind Energy Lessons from 12 Wind Energy Markets

    that have contributed to the successful development of wind energy across major markets in Asia, ... Europe, and North and South America over the last three decades. 30 Years of Policies for Wind Energy ... Lessons from 12 Wind Energy Markets International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) United Arab Emirates ...

    International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)

    December 2012

  7. Chasing the Wind in Bangladesh

    This briefing discusses the possible role of wind power in helping Bangladesh achieve its ... renewable energy goals and how the country can map available wind resources. Chasing the Wind in Bangladesh ... United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Renewable Energy Electricity Wind Power ...

    December 2014

  8. Perspectives for the Deployment of Wind Energy: Overview of Global Trends by 2050 and Guidance to National Roadmapping Efforts

    This recorded webinar examines best practices for the deployment of wind energy. It covers three ... topics for three recent IEA publications: Overview of Global Wind Deployment by 2050 in Line with IEA’s ... 2-degree Scenario (IEA Technology Roadmap on Wind Energy), How to Develop a Wind Technology Roadmap at the ...

    International Energy Agency (IEA)

    May 2014

  9. Wind Resource Atlas of Southeast China

    This wind energy resource atlas identifies the wind characteristics and distribution of the wind ... resource in southeast China. The detailed wind resource maps and other information contained in the atlas ... facilitate the identification of prospective areas for use of wind energy technologies, both for ...

    United States National Renewable Energy Laboratory

    May 2010

  10. The State of Play of the Global Wind Industry and a Five-year Projection

    This recorded webinar presents on the Global Wind Energy Council’s recently released Global Wind ... report’s key findings and his views on where the global wind industry is heading. Sawyer also discusses ... Global Wind Industry and a Five-Year Projection (Webinar) Global Wind Energy Council Clean Energy ...

    Global Wind Energy Council

    April 2014