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This paper draws from international experience and lessons to focus on solar-specific good practices for renewable electricity standards (RES), feed-in tariffs (FIT), auctions and tendering processes, interconnection and net metering, financial incentives and other approaches to enabling private

Source: The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)
Date: May 2015

This report describes how the development of energy service markets plays a crucial role in increasing energy access worldwide.

Source: EU Energy Initiative - Partnership Dialogue Facility (EUEI PDF)
Date: December 2014

This report lays out a set of practical steps for deploying renewable energy resources and technologies on islands.

Source: International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)
Date: June 2015

This paper focuses on deployment subsidies for solar photovoltaics (PV) in Germany and Spain.

Source: International Institute for Sustainable Development, Global Subsidies Initiative
Date: March 2012

This paper presents an adequacy evaluation scheme based on the Monte Carlo method, aiming to quantitatively evaluate the capacity-replacement contribution of wind energy. The paper first proposes a new wind generation unit model that consists of wind, wind turbine and wind farm.

Source: Proceedings of the CSEE
Date: October 2005

This paper presents four definitions of capacity credit and uses an empirical study to compare them. The authors show that the choice of which definition is used can significantly impact the resultant capacity credit.

Source: IEEE Transactions on Power Systems
Date: January 2009

This paper describes a range of specific, action-oriented recommendations for China's policymakers on how to grow a green bonds market in the country.

Source: Climate Bonds Initiative, International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD)
Date: March 2015

It is widely recognized that gender equality is both a development goal in itself and a precondition for the achievement of other development outcomes; it is both a matter of human rights and a matter of development or “smart economics”.

Source: African Development Bank Group

The report begins with a brief description of the role of procurement within the green growth paradigm and an introduction to key concepts.

Source: International Institute for Sustainable Development
Date: October 2012

This guide provides local governments and urban leaders around the world with the background, guidance and tools needed to accelerate building efficiency action.

Source: World Resources Institute
Date: May 2016