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  1. Bioenergy from Finnish Forests: Sustainable, Efficient, Modern Use of Wood

    livelihoods approaches wood wood fuel woody biomass Renewable Energy Biomass Power ... This report describes Finland’s approach to sustainable solid biomass supply based on forest wood ...

  2. Coupling Aquaculture with Forest Plantations for Food, Energy, and Water Resiliency

    aquaculture-managed forest plantation could (1) provision fish and woody biomass, (2) regulate carbon, groundwater ... ecosystem services ecosystems forests freshwater availability solid biofuels water resources woody biomass ... via biomass production, according to the authors of this study. They evaluate how a model ...

    November 2016

  3. Farming Wood Fuel for Sustainable Energy in Rural Areas in Cambodia

    wood fuel woody biomass international development industry livestock Energy Access Rural ... This document was prepared for a Workshop on Issues for Sustainable Use of Biomass Resources for ... Energy held in Colombo, Sri Lanka, in 2005. The document includes two case studies of biomass development ...

    Small and Medium Enterprise Cambodia

    August 2005

  4. Efficient Fuel Wood Stoves for Nigeria (Clean Development Mechanism Project Design Document)

    Development Mechanism woody biomass forests wood fuel project activities Energy Access Clean Cookstoves ...

    United Nations

    December 2006

  5. Accelerating the LPG Transition: Global Lessons from Innovative Business and Distribution Models

    Rebates 30 September 2015 Keywords by: corporate reporting woody biomass forests wood fuel animal waste ... Electrification Energy Efficiency Appliances & Equipment Electricity Biomass Power Heating & Cooling ... Biomass Heat Clean Fossil Energy Clean Transport Smart Grid Grid Integration Renewable Energy Community ...

    September 2015

  6. Goods-Producing Small to Medium-Sized Enterprises: Energy End Use and Efficiency Potentials

    sector processes woody biomass wood fuel forests lighting compressors industry Energy Efficiency ...

    Natural Resources Canada

    March 2005

  7. Partnership for Clean Indoor Air Resources (Website)

    partnerships heating domestic heating forests woody biomass wood fuel impacts on systems and sectors Energy ...

    Partnership for Clean Indoor Air

  8. Biomass Inventory Mapping and Analysis Tool (BIMAT) (Website)

    This tool provides queries and interactive maps presenting biomass resources in Canada; it ... visually represents the types and amounts of biomass in various regions of the country. It helps producers ... and consumers of biomass products gather accurate and reliable information about the biomass feedstock ...

    Ministry of Agriculture and Agri-Food of Canada

  9. Biomass Energy Strategy (BEST) Guide Activity: For Policy-makers and Energy Planners

    The Biomass Energy Strategy (BEST) initiative aims to build awareness of biomass as Africa's ... among decision-makers at policy level. This guide focuses on thermal applications of biomass energy in ... households, institutions and small and medium enterprises (i.e., what is considered the traditional biomass ...

    March 2011

  10. Industrial Biotechnology and Biomass Utilisation: Prospects and Challenges for the Developing World

    This report evaluates biomass energy options. It provides an overview and background on the ... information on the workshop participants. Industrial Biotechnology and Biomass Utilisation: Prospects and ... Ethanol Electricity Biomass Power Heating & Cooling Biomass Heat Industrial Publication Deployment ...

    United Nations

    January 2007