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The purpose of this report was to assist European Commission Member State governments in preparing for the implementation of the Renewable Energy Directive (2009/28/EC) and to guide a European policy for Renewable Energy Standards (RES) in the mid- to long-term.

Source: European Commission, Ecofys, Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research ISI, Energy Economics Group, Lithuanian Energy Institute
Date: October 2009

This webinar focuses on the potential of automotive propane, also known as autogas, in Europe and globally.

Source: Argus Media
Date: January 2010

This website provides a summary and webcast recordings of the World LP Gas Association's 2010 American-European Summit. The summit brought together over 200 propane industry leaders and energy experts from 20 countries.

Source: World LP Gas Association

This webinar focuses on "feebates," which might provide be an effective means of pulling technology into a fleet but which are often not well understood.

Source: International Council on Clean Transportation
Date: December 2010

This European Commission report details the benefits and costs of implementing a bicycle share program in a city, preferably a large one.

Source: European Commission

The purpose of the International Scan is to identify new ideas and practical, workable models for integrating road pricing approaches into state, local, and regional policies, programs, and practices.

Source: American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials, Transportation Research Board
Date: April 2010

This website identifies efforts on the part of governments in North America, Europe, and Japan to create sustainable public-private freight transport programs. The content and resources may be useful for other countries attempting to create a sustainable freight system.

Source: Climate TransAct
Date: January 2009

The BIOMAP tool maps biofuel project activities, providing detailed information on technology development and market actors across Europe.

Source: European Commission

This report examines the different options of using renewable electricity in electric vehicles and the challenges and opportunities in three regions - North America, Europe, and China.

Source: International Energy Agency
Date: December 2011

This report assesses the greenhouse gas (GHG) emission trends from the transport sector and compares them to worldwide GHG emission trends as a whole. The report further breaks down the GHG emissions data from the transportation sector by nation.

Source: International Transport Forum
Date: January 2010