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  1. Fulfilling our Commitment to Clean Energy: Promoting Clean and Efficient Energy Technology in Developing Countries, Fiscal Years 2008-2010

    This report provides information about many of the energy programs in which the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) has invested in developing nations. These investments include investments in renewable energy projects, policy development, a ...

    United States Agency for International Development

    August 2011

  2. Micro Hydro Lights up a Village

    This short project summary summarizes the project design, results framework, and lessons learned resulting from a 19-kilowatt river micro-hydro system to deliver electricity to 67 local households in the Philippines. Two revolving loan funds were also cre ...

    Asian Development Bank

    October 2011

  3. Strategic Environmental and Social Assessment Summary for a Renewable Energy and Global Rural Electrification Project in Morocco

    This summary provides an overview of Morocco's Renewable Energy and Global Rural Electrification Project, which focused on on-grid wind and hydropower. Key elements of the assessment summary are a description of the project's legal and instituti ...

    African Development Bank

    September 2011

  4. Powering Health: Electrification Options for Rural Health Centers

    This document is a resource for health professionals seeking either to electrify health facilities that lack power or to ensure uninterrupted power for facilities connected to unreliable power grids. It provides information to assess energy systems with a ...

    United States Agency for International Development

    October 2011

  5. Solar and Wind Energy Resource Assessment (SWERA): Bangladesh Project

    This report outlines current barriers to wind and solar development in Bangladesh, and it details the potential of these technologies. Based on analytical models and by examining case studies, the report makes recommendations for off-grid rural electrific ...

    United Nations

    February 2007

  6. Terminal Review Report: Rural Energy Development Programme

    This report analyzes lessons learned from the United Nations Development Programme's Rural Energy Development Programme (REDP), specifically whether the project contributed to partnerships at the national and local level for expansion of rural energy ...

    United Nations

    February 2007

  7. Bioenergy and Food Security: The BEFS Analysis for Thailand

    This report describes the implementation of the Bioenergy and Food Security (BEFS) project in Thailand. BEFS aimed to strengthen developing countries' technical understanding of how best to mitigate the impact of bioenergy development on food securit ...

    Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN

    January 2010

  8. Renewable Energy Based Electricity Generation for Isolated Mini-Grids in Zambia

    This report documents the creation of three micro grids based on solar, biomass, and small hydropower. The electricity generated will be used for income generating activities in targeted communities. The biomass and hydropower plant will be one megawatt w ...

    United Nations

    October 2011

  9. Clean Energy Applications in Asia and the Pacific

    This report presents 12 practical applications of clean energy projects in Asian countries, including solar, wind, small hydropower, and biomass projects. For each application, the report briefly describes the specific project, lessons learned, barriers t ...

    Asian Development Bank

    November 2006

  10. Final Report on Renewable Energy Technologies in Argentina

    This report analyzes the energy needs and capacity of Argentina's renewable energy sector, including current initiatives such as solar water pumping and biofuel programs. Seven case studies representing various climates and populations in Argentina a ...

    Fundacion Bariloche

    December 2005