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  1. Building Energy Efficiency Policies (BEEP) Database

    This database is intended to be a comprehensive collection of building energy efficiency policies from select countries around the world. Policymakers can access this database to find out what policies and incentive schemes are being implemented around th ...

    International Energy Agency (IEA)

  2. Jobs and Economic Development Impact Models (JEDI)

    The Jobs and Economic Development Impact (JEDI) models are user-friendly screening tools that estimate the economic impacts of constructing and operating power plants, fuel production facilities, and other projects at the local (usually state) level. JEDI ...

    United States National Renewable Energy Laboratory

    August 2012

  3. REDD Financial Feasibility Tool

    This tool is used to evaluate the financial feasibility of Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation (REDD) projects in developing countries. This tool is not a requirement of the CCB Standards or SOCIALCARBON Standards, but it is inten ...

    September 2009

  4. Diesel Pricing in India: Entangled in Policy Maze

    This paper examines the inflationary effect of increasing diesel prices that is caused by subsidy reduction on the Indian economy. The author makes recommendations regarding pricing and taxation to address the subsidy reduction issues. Diesel Pricing in I ...

    National Institute of Public Finance and Policy

    August 2012

  5. Energy Efficiency Indicator Survey: 2012 Global Results

    This presentation shows the results of the Institute for Building Efficiency's 2012 energy efficiency survey. The institute surveyed nearly 3,500 decision makers in a variety of sectors who are responsible for energy use in buildings—examining trends ...

    Institute for Building Efficiency

    July 2012

  6. 2050 Pathways Analysis

    The UK is committed to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by at least 80% by 2050, relative to 1990 levels. We need a transformation of the UK economy while ensuring secure, low carbon energy supplies to 2050, and face major choices about how to do thi ...

    August 2012

  7. Local Funding Options for Public Transportation

    This analysis evaluates several local funding options for public transportation system improvements. Using eight criteria, the author evaluates 18 potential funding options. The evaluation finds that there are no particularly cost effective or easy-to-imp ...

    Victoria Transport Policy Institute

    November 2012

  8. Toward More Comprehensive and Multi-modal Transport Evaluation

    This report evaluates transportation policy and project evaluation practices with a view to making them more multi-modal and comprehensive. The author finds that conventional transport planning has been mobility-based but recommends it should instead be a ...

    Victoria Transport Policy Institute

    December 2012

  9. Energy Efficient Outdoor Lighting: The Global Energy Savings Opportunity and Tools to Facilitate Lighting Upgrades

    This webinar—hosted in partnership with the Collaborative Labeling & Appliance Standards Program (CLASP)—informs on rapidly growing technological advances that improve energy efficiency of outdoor lighting. The webinar presents the outcomes of case st ...

    Clean Energy Solutions Center

    December 2012

  10. Energy Efficiency Resource Acquisition Program Models in North America

    This report compares options in delivering energy efficiency services to customers through case studies of eight institutions. While state and provincial institutional delivery models for meeting energy needs through efficiency improvements are the thrust ...

    Institute for Industrial Productivity

    December 2012