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  1. United Nations Energy and Poverty Alleviation (Website)

    This website features links to United Nations Development Programme case studies and publications on how energy can be used to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger, which is one of eight UN Millennium Development Goals for 2015. Case studies focus on succ ...

    United Nations

  2. Partnership for Clean Indoor Air Interactive Map

    This online interactive map highlights projects that either have been completed or are being implemented to reduce smoke exposure from cooking and heating practices in households around the world. Users of the map can search by selecting organization type ...

    Partnership for Clean Indoor Air

    January 2011

  3. Farming Wood Fuel for Sustainable Energy in Rural Areas in Cambodia

    This document was prepared for a Workshop on Issues for Sustainable Use of Biomass Resources for Energy held in Colombo, Sri Lanka, in 2005. The document includes two case studies of biomass development in Cambodia. The first provides recommendations for ...

    Small and Medium Enterprise Cambodia

    August 2005

  4. Global Energy Transfer: Feed-in Tariffs (GET FiT) Program for Developing Countries

    This report discusses the Global Energy Transfer- Feed-in Tariffs (GET FiT) program, which has a primary goal of supporting renewable energy policies that reduce or mitigate investment risks, and consequently attract significant private capital to drive m ...

    Deutsche Bank Group

    April 2010

  5. A Decision Support Tool for Sustainable Bioenergy: An Overview

    This resource provides an overview of the Bioenergy Decision Support Tool, which was designed to assist decision makers in the process of developing a national bioenergy policy and strategy and/or assessing investment opportunities, by providing step-by-s ...

    United Nations

    January 2010

  6. Bioenergy Decision Support Tool

    This online tool provides stepwise guidance to government policymakers as they develop sustainable bioenergy policies and strategies. The tool may also assist decision makers in assessing investment proposals. The interactive website discusses issues of r ...

    United Nations

  7. South Asia Low Carbon Platform (Website)

    The South Asia Low Carbon Platform website is a knowledge-sharing platform for low carbon energy and low carbon development in countries like India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. It aims to establish a network for the dissemination and sharing of information ...

    Eldis Communities

  8. Integrated Model to Access the Global Environment

    The Integrated Model to Access the Global Environment (IMAGE) is an ecological-environmental framework that simulates the environmental consequences of human activities worldwide. It represents interactions between society, the biosphere, and the climate ...

    Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency

    October 2010

  9. Energy-Efficiency Strategy of the Republic of South Africa

    This resources is the first consolidated government document great towards the development and implementation of energy efficiency in South Africa. The strategy sets a national target for energy-efficiency improvement of 12% by 2015 and covers all energy- ...

    South African Department of Minerals and Energy

  10. Energy Map: Clean Energy for the Underserved

    This interactive map provides profiles of social enterprises that are working to improve energy access among underserved populations and developing nations around the world. Profiles provided in the map include the following information: a basic snapshot ...

    Santa Clara University