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  1. 2014 JRC Ocean Energy Status Report

    This report describes the state-of-play of technology in the ocean energy sector, and it monitors the evolution of the technology in industry and markets in Europe. The report goes shows the key achievements in the sector and the mechanisms that have been ...

    January 2015

  2. Engaging the Public in a New Provincial Climate Change and Green Economy Plan

    The International Institute for Sustainable Development assisted Manitoba province in developing its innovative green economy action plan— TomorrowNow —as well as updating its climate change plan to address the need to transition to a green economy and lo ...

    January 2015

  3. Global Goals and the Environment: Progress and Prospects

    This report describes, indicator by indicator, the movement toward or away from Millennium Development Goal (MDG) 7 targets agreed upon by the international community in 2000. Relying on statistical evidence, the report identifies the goals and targets th ...

    May 2015

  4. Introduction to Smart Grids (Smart Grids Series Factbook)

    This training material, published by the SBC Energy Institute (SBC-EI), summarizes the innovations that are collectively known as smart-grid technologies. It highlights the challenges faced by traditional grid designs, identifies key smart-grid technologi ...

    July 2015

  5. RD&D for Renewable Energy Technologies: Cooperation in Latin America and the Caribbean

    This report describes how energy challenges vary significantly among the subregions and countries of Latin America and the Caribbean—but the potential of energy production from hydropower, solar and wind resources in the region is substantial. The report ...

    July 2015

  6. Energy Efficiency Trends and Policies in the G20

    This report describes energy efficiency trends in G20 countries based a set of homogeneous energy efficiency indicators. The indicators are designed to monitor changes in energy efficiency and to allow cross-country comparisons of various energy efficienc ...

    July 2015

  7. Simuwatt Energy Auditor

    This tablet-based application allows auditors to quickly collect data and directly enter it, reducing transcription errors and eliminating information loss. Auditors can use the software to streamline the data to analysis process and shorten audit cycles ...

    July 2015

  8. Utility Scale Renewable Energy: Understanding Cost Parity

    This fact sheet outlines how electricity supply options (renewable vs. traditional), specifically utility-scale renewable energy systems, can be appropriately compared. Utility Scale Renewable Energy: Understanding Cost Parity World Resources Institute Jo ...

    February 2015

  9. Implementing Building Energy Codes: Status of Building Energy Code Development and Implementation Globally and in China, France and the United States

    This webinar presents the status, key areas for international collaboration in building energy code implementation and compliance, and the experience of code implementation in China, France and the United States. Presentations are based on outcomes of the ...

    October 2015

  10. Efficient Water Use in Residential Urban Landscapes

    This journal article describes how urban population growth, improved living standards and dwindling water supplies in the United States are causing the demand for treated municipal water to exceed the supply. With landscape irrigation accounting for 40% t ...

    December 2008