The 2050 Calculator (Webinar)

27 February 2014

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PresentationIntroduction to the webinar and panelists

Presentation—Edward Hogg: LEDS Global Partnership: 2050 Calculator Webinar

The 2050 Calculator

To learn more, visit the 2050 Pathways website or launch the calculator itself.

The Clean Energy Solutions Center, in partnership with the Low Emissions Development Strategies Global Partnership (LEDS GP) and the United Kingdom’s Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), hosted this webinar on the 2050 Calculator, an interactive tool that allows experts and non-experts alike to explore different energy and emissions scenarios out to 2050.

DECC developed the 2050 Calculator to model the UK, but its flexible structure can be modified to take into account structural differences between the UK and other economies. Already the 2050 Calculator has helped teams in China, South Korea and Taiwan adapt the methodology to fit their reality.

In this webinar, Ed Hogg from DECC’s 2050 team introduced the calculator, outlined how it can be used to examine the trade-offs and different options associated with greenhouse gas mitigation, and provided an overview of how DECC is working with other countries to enable them to develop their own version of the calculator.


Edward HoggEdward Hogg, Senior Policy Advisor, 2050 International Project

Edward Hogg is a senior policy advisor on the 2050 International Project in the United Kingdom’s Department of Energy & Climate Change. As a policy advisor to 2050 International, Edward has designed and written a business case for a project to provide capacity building in open source energy modelling to 10 emerging economies (including China, Brazil, India and South Africa). He has also managed projects for five of these country partnerships, including designing the training course, building each national team, ensuring they are adequately resourced, and monitoring progress. Previously, Edward worked for the UK Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and Argentina’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office. He graduated from Oxford University with a degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics.