Review Past Webinars

15 February 2017
Performance Analysis with RETScreen

Training on the Performance Analysis Module of RETScreen Expert, a comprehensive clean energy management system which allows facility energy managers to easily measure and verify (M&V) the actual and ongoing energy performance of buildings, factories and power plants around the world.

7 February 2017
A Review of the Africa Solar Market

An overview of the on- and off-grid solar markets in Africa, focusing on installed capacities, forecast, challenges and opportunities—and a discussion of population and electrification issues as well as a presentation of a country benchmark.

25 January 2017
Energy Policy, Research and Innovation in Sweden

An overview of the goals and vision of the current Swedish Energy Policy and a review of the context of the Swedish energy system and the roles of stakeholders in the system.

17 January 2017
Enabling Enterprise Development: A Selection of Best Practices in Harnessing Distributed Energy for Productive Uses

An exploration of the role of distributed energy solutions in enabling and promoting enterprise development in sub-Saharan Africa via a recently launched publication compiled by the Africa EU Energy Partnership.

11 January 2017
Linking Building Energy Efficiency and Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs)

An exploration of the links between climate and building energy efficiency policies, and a discussion of the role of public-private cooperation in improving building energy efficiency as part of climate change mitigation.

10 January 2017 or 12 January 2017
2017 CEM Energy Management Leadership Awards

Presentations on how to participate in the 2017 CEM Energy Management Leadership Awards.

15 December 2016
Global Wind Energy Outlook 2016

An overview of the recently released Global Wind Energy Outlook 2016.

30 November 2016
Involving Stakeholders in Adoption and Implementation of Building Energy Codes

A presentation of experiences with stakeholder engagement across countries that are members of the International Partnership for Energy Efficiency Cooperation and of Major Economies Forum.

17 November 2016
Distributed Solar on the Grid: Key Opportunities and Challenges

An overview of the USAID Distributed Generation Technical Assistance program along with context for the prospective role of distributed-generation photovoltaic technology in developing countries, followed by a discussion of the key economic and technical challenges and opportunities associated with distributed-generation photovoltaic systems.

15 November 2016
Promoting Clean Mini-Grid Public-Private Partnerships for Rural Electrification in Nigeria

An overview of the status of the market for mini-grids in Nigeria, followed by a discussion of recent developments and the work on clean rural mini-grids that has been done by the Nigerian Energy Support Programme.