Tradable Certificates

Renewable energy certificates, white tags and carbon credits are used to value the benefits of clean energy investments beyond the energy generated or saved. Tradable certificates can be part of a clean energy mandate, such as a renewable portfolio standard that requires eligible entities that could include utilities, large consumers and others to procure a certain amount of renewable energy. Tradable certificates can also be used as a voluntary measure. For example, recently, many large multinational corporations have made commitments to procure 100% renewable energy and some of these corporations are buying and retiring renewable energy certificates to meet all or part of their goal.

A Policy Brief on Tradable Renewable Energy Certificates

Before you browse our library of published resources via the search link below, consider reading our policy brief about tradable renewable energy certificates, which is part of a series of briefs intended to inform legislators, decision makers, analysts working for government agencies and utility executives on current good practices and lessons learned.