Greenhouse Gas Mitigation in Brazil, China, and India: Scenarios and Opportunities through 2025


United States Center for Clean Air Policy
Matthew Ogonowski
Mark Houdashelt
Jake Schmidt
Jin Lee
Ned Helme
1 November 2006

This report presents the results of an analysis on the costs and implications of policies to reduce GHG emissions in Brazil, China, and India. It reveals that Brazil and China have adopted “unilateral actions” since 2000 that have already reduced emissions and are expected to reduce emissions through 2020 below projected levels. India is projected to achieve emissions reductions by 2020 in the transportation and iron and steel sectors below “business as usual” levels, but these reductions are projected to be offset principally by emissions increases in the electricity sector. The report also details an array of additional cost-effective emission reductions that these three leading developing nations could pursue in the future -- unilaterally, under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) or a new international policy structure.