Renewable Energy Market Analysis: Southeast Asia 2018


International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)
Divyam Nagpal
Diala Hawila
31 January 2018

Chapter 1 of this report on Southeast Asia describes macroeconomic and social trends in the region, examining the relationship between economic growth and energy demand. Chapter 2 analyses the region’s energy sector landscape, focusing on trends in supply and consumption. Chapter 3 explores the region’s renewable energy options, analysing the latest trends in costs and deployment as well as the benefits offered by a renewables-driven energy transition in terms of gross domestic product growth and jobs. Chapter 4 discusses targets and examines the policy frameworks and institutional setting in place to support the deployment of renewables across the power sector (both on- and off-grid) and end-use sectors, as well as the development of local industries. Chapter 5 analyses the latest investment trends, the evolution of the capital mix, and remaining finance barriers. And, Chapter 6 discusses the economic, social, health and environmental benefits of decentralized renewable energy solutions.