Water-Food-Energy Nexus with Changing Agricultural Scenarios in India During Recent Decades


Hydrology and Earth System Sciences
Beas Barik
Subimal Ghosh
A. Saheer Sahana
Amey Pathak
Muddu Sekhar
26 June 2017

Meeting the growing water and food demands in a densely populated country like India is a major challenge. It requires an extensive investigation into the changing patterns of the checks and balances behind the maintenance of food security at the expense of depleting groundwater, along with high energy consumption. This report presents a comprehensive set of analyses which assess the present status of the water-food-energy nexus in India, along with its changing pattern, in the last few decades. The report finds that with the growth of population and consequent increase in the food demands, the food production has also increased, and this has been made possible with the intensification of irrigation.