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Status Report on Gender Equality in the Energy Sector

This document provides recent data gathered from C3E International member countries in support of the development of policies and actions that may accelerate gender equality and enable equal opportunities for men and women in the future. This, the second annual status report, includes more countries and indications to provide more insight from the data.

Energy Transition Role Models: Inspiring the Next Generation of Women Entrepreneurs

This video series showcases portraits of women entrepreneurs in sustainable energy who are working across different disciplines and countries to give female leadership visibility and thereby inspire and encourage others – especially young female students and graduates – to follow suit. And the video series is accompanied by an informative brochure that contains global, regional and national resources for entrepreneurs.

U4E Publications

U4E (United for Efficiency) is a global effort supporting developing countries and emerging economies to move their markets to energy-efficient appliances and equipment. It offers many guidance documents, regional reports and technical reports on various products, including air conditioners, distribution transformers, electric motors, lighting and refrigerators.

ECOWAS Policy for Gender Mainstreaming In Energy Access

This publication “provides policymakers with instrumental and human rights based indicators and rigorous arguments to align energy interventions with principles of gender equality.” The policy outlined aims to use a gender mainstreaming framework as a means for energy ministries to achieve energy access goals in a way that leverages the role of women as energy users, community members, business owners and policymakers. The policy aims to ensure universal energy access in the ECOWAS region by meeting specific targets by 2030 that are set forth in the policy’s implementation plan.