Solar Energy

ISA logoIn collaboration with the International Solar Alliance (ISA)—which more includes more than 70 signatory countries—the Solutions Center provides access to many resources and services aimed at helping achieve the common goal of increasing the use of solar energy to safely, conveniently, affordably, equitably and sustainably meet countries' energy needs.

From the Clean Energy Solutions Center

Training Webinars

Expert Assistance

Luis Crespo Solutions Center expert Luis Crespo has more than 36 years of experience in solar energy development, solar thermal technologies and solar policies. And, the Solutions Center has dozens of other renewable energy experts who are available to provide assistance and in-depth answers to your questions.

Published Resources

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A Policy Brief

Policies to Support Solar Power Deployment is part of the Solutions Center’s Clean Energy Policy Briefs series.

From the International Solar Alliance

ISA Policy and Finance Training Center

In this video, ISA Solar Policy and Finance Training Center instructors provide an overview of the ISA’s webinar training course, and they describe the solar energy policy, finance, market insights, and technology advancement topics covered. (video transcript)

The training course consists of the following eight modules:

  1. Policies for Distributed PV
  2. Policies for Large-Scale PV
  3. The Future of Solar Policy
  4. Technical Integration of Solar
  5. Market Integration
  6. Socioeconomic Aspects of Solar
  7. Off-grid Solar
  8. Solar Heating and Cooling

YouTube logoView all of our past webinars on the ISA YouTube playlist.

ISA Publications

cover: Expert Connections Empower Bankable Solar ProjectsThis factsheet—Expert Connections Empower Bankable Solar Projects—shows how the Solutions Center is offering new ways for ISA member countries to grow their solar expertise.

The ISA Compendium of Global Success Stories in Solar Energy is a valuable resource for policymakers, development finance institutions, social entrepreneurs and developers in improving their understanding of solar energy. It collects case studies from across the globe that were chosen based on new technologies, compelling business models, unique financing structures and enabling policy frameworks.

STAR-C Programme

The Solar Technology Application Resource-Center (STAR-C) aims to:

  • Build a network of training, R&D, standardization and technical STAR-centers working on solar energy
  • Develop and disseminate training programs (online and in-person) for all solar energy stakeholders, including technicians, trainers, project developers, engineers and policymakers)
  • Provide testing and technical certification capabilities to key STAR-centers.