Training Webinars Previously Offered by the Clean Energy Solutions Center

We have offered dozens of training webinars on priority clean energy policy topics that policymakers in countries around the world can adapt for their own use. Many expert panelists and thousands of policymakers and others have participated in these unique training opportunities. Please consider joining us for one of our upcoming webinars. Or, browse the recorded webinars listed below.

10 December 2013
Training on OSeMOSYS, an open-source systems optimization model for long-term energy planning that can be used to inform the development of local, national and multi-regional energy strategies Learn more.
5 December 2013
Introduction to the Salzburg Model Region Programme, including key findings from the Programme’s 12 projects Learn more.
4 December 2013
the role energy efficiency can play in improving energy access. Panelists discussed the implementation and results of national policies in Mexico, as well as highlights from projects implemented by the World Bank and the United Nations’ Sustainable Energy for All (SE4ALL) initiative, which aims to make sustainable energy for all a reality by 2030 Learn more.
3 December 2013
Exploration of SEEP, including its rationale, features, benefits, design and status, as well as lessons learned while developing the program Learn more.
20 November 2013
Exploration of how federal and state governments can lead promotion efforts to increase the use of combined heat and power (CHP) Learn more.
13 November 2013
Examination of the issues surrounding development of clean transport systems and programs, including possible solutions Learn more.
13 November 2013
Investigation of the importance of setting ambitious energy targets and ensuring systematic and regular updates of building codes in light of long-term targets Learn more.
6 November 2013
Presentation and discussion of the key findings of REN21’s Renewables 2013 Global Status Report and IEA’s Medium-Term Renewable Energy Market Report 2013 Learn more.
29 October 2013
Introduction to the Reflexe project, a smart grid research project aimed at implementing a smart grid pilot in France's Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region Learn more.
2 October 2013
Showcase of work underway in Bangladesh to support energy access using off-grid renewable energy Learn more.