Energy Efficiency Webinars

We have offered dozens of training webinars on priority clean energy policy topics that policymakers in countries around the world can adapt for their own use. Many expert panelists and thousands of policymakers and others have participated in these unique training opportunities. Please consider joining us for one of our upcoming webinars. Or, browse the recorded webinars listed below.

Introduction to this toolkit, which offers concrete recommendations on how to realize the energy efficiency potentials of new buildings Learn more.
A webinar on the main energy efficiency drivers at the sectoral and end-use levels, and their impact on future energy consumption. Learn more.
Training on developing NAMAs for efficient lighting with a review of the steps that developing countries can take to create the essential elements of a NAMA Learn more.
Training on how to use the Building Efficiency Policy Assessment Tool to develop energy efficiency policy strategies with input from local stakeholders Learn more.
An expert roundtable discussion about several upcoming research outputs led by various members and partners of the Efficiency for Access Coalition. Learn more.
A webinar that will surface emerging market intelligence on efficient off-grid appropriate cooling technologies such as fans, refrigerators, cold chain technologies and ice makers. Learn more.
El Clean Energy Solutions Center, en colaboración con el Gobierno de México, está organizando un seminario web sobre eficiencia energética en edificios públicos. Learn more.
Discussion highlighting innovative financing mechanisms and best practices that have enhanced market penetration of energy efficient technologies Learn more.
Training on energy efficiency for energy access, with a focus on the importance of appliance efficiency in resource-constrained settings. Learn more.
A webinar-based training on energy efficiency for energy access, with a focus on the important role played by energy efficiency in the fight against fuel poverty in developed economies. Learn more.