Clean Energy Policy Training

We offer regular training webinars on clean energy policy topics for policymakers around the world.

Please join us for one of the upcoming webinars listed below. Or, view one of our many previously recorded webinars.

You can also search our entire collection of training materials offered by others on topics ranging from energy efficiency and renewable energy to clean fossil energy, clean transport and energy access.

Upcoming Solutions Center Webinars

22 April 2015
Training on the RealValue project, a smart electric thermal storage project that involves smart grid demand-side management and demand forecasting.   Learn more.
29 April 2015
An exploration of residual energy access issues in India, including efforts to deliver energy services to populations still lacking continuous and reliable access, as well as practitioner efforts to assist in scaling energy access via decentralized solutions.   Learn more.
6 May 2015
Highlights of cases from Ireland where the security of supply has been improved by providing additional capacity and Austria, which is finding an efficient way to integrate renewable-based distributed generation with optimized investment and maximized utilization of the existing asset base.   Learn more.