Review Past Webinars

18 June 2015
REN21 Global Status Report Launch: Domination of Renewables

A webinar-based training for the launch of REN21’s flagship report, the Renewables 2015 Global Status Report.

9 June 2015
Green Bonds and Innovative Climate Financing Mechanisms (USAID)

Representatives of the International Finance Corporation and Anurag Mishra of USAID/India discuss trends, the potential and challenges in using green bonds for climate change mitigation and adaptation.

6 May 2015
Deploying Smart and Strong Power Grids: Best Practices from Austria, Ireland and Around the World

Highlights of cases from Ireland where the security of supply has been improved by providing additional capacity and Austria, which is finding an efficient way to integrate renewable-based distributed generation with optimized investment and maximized utilization of the existing asset base.

29 April 2015
The State of Energy Access in India

An exploration of residual energy access issues in India, including efforts to deliver energy services to populations still lacking continuous and reliable access, as well as practitioner efforts to assist in scaling energy access via decentralized solutions.

22 April 2015
Smart Grid Demand-Side Management and Demand Forecasting for the Residential Sector

Training on the RealValue project, a smart electric thermal storage project that involves smart grid demand-side management and demand forecasting.

14 April 2015
Energy Efficiency in Transport: Successes and Failures

A review of policy measures implemented in the transport sector (such as minimum energy performance standards, labels and promotion of modal shifts) within the European Union and in G20 countries.

31 March 2015
Impact of “Phase-Out” Regulations on Lighting Markets and the Associated Policy Implications

A discussion of the impact of efforts to phase out inefficient lighting in several countries and regions around the world.

18 March 2015
Power Systems of the Future

An overview of the key findings of the recently released Systems of the Future:A 21st Century Power Partnership Thought Leadership Report and a discussion of the transformation pathways in Mexico and South Africa

11 March 2015
Clean Energy in Island Settings

A showcase of the International Renewable Energy Agency's work on capacity building and assessment of non-conventional energy in island settings.

25 February 2015
Planificación para el Acceso Universal a la Energía (Spanish-Language Webinar)

En la sesión se analizará la situación actual del acceso a energía eléctrica y el desafío para lograr el acceso universal a la energía en las regiones de América Latina y el Caribe, y ofrecerá ideas sobre por qué la planificación es tan importante, así como las mejores prácticas para realizarla.