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4 June 2014 to 8 July 2014
REN21 Renewables 2014 Global Status Report (Webinar Series)

Annual overview of the renewable energy market, industry, investment and policy development worldwide.

28 May 2014
Innovative Business Models for Energy Efficiency Financing

Training session on how innovative business models can provide energy efficiency financing, with presentations by private sector innovators

24 May 2014
The Federal Green Bank Act of 2014 (Yale Center for Business and the Environment)

A discussion of the growing interest in green banks in the United States.

22 May 2014
Perspectives for the Deployment of Wind Energy: Overview of Global Trends by 2050 and Guidance to National Roadmapping Efforts

Review of best practices for deploying wind energy, with an overview of global deployment by 2050, development of a national wind technology roadmap, and the integration of wind energy into flexible power systems

20 May 2014
Net Energy Metering Update on Key Distributed Generation Policy (Advanced Energy Economy)

This webinar hosted by the Advanced Energy Economy offers perspectives on net energy metering.

20 May 2014
Ten Questions to Ask About Scaling On-grid Renewable Energy: Designing Stable Policy through Improved Stakeholder Engagement

Presentation of the Ten Questions to Ask About Scaling On-Grid Renewable Energy framework intended to help stakeholders engage with each other during this process, including lessons learned in Thailand

15 May 2014
Leveraging Ratepayer Programs to Cut Industrial Energy Use

Analysis of U.S. industrial program design, including what has worked well and what else can be done to improve the outcomes for regulators, industry and ratepayers

15 May 2014
Smart Community Project in Kitakyushu (Japan)

Overview of the Kitakyushu Smart Community Project, which seeks to create the appropriate social structures for a low-carbon society by innovating lifestyles, business styles and urban planning styles

12 May 2014
Energy Technology Perspectives 2014: Harnessing Electricity's Potential

Discussion of the 2014 edition of Energy Technology Perspectives, which examines what must be done to provide sustainable options for generation, distribution and end-use consumption

29 April 2014
Finance Mechanisms for Lowering the Cost of Renewable Energy in Rapidly Developing Countries (Climate Policy Initiative)

A look at two potential policy solutions to the particular challenges of renewable energy financing in emerging economies.