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5 March 2014
Opportunities and Challenges for Rural Off-grid Lighting and Distribution Markets in India

Review of the challenges and opportunities within India's rural off-grid lighting and distribution markets, as well as emerging and innovative distribution models in the off-grid renewable energy sector

27 February 2014
The 2050 Calculator

Introduction to this tool, which can be used to examine the trade-offs and options associated with greenhouse gas mitigation, including how countries develop their own version of the tool

18 February 2014
Green Bonds: Trailblazing Issuers Accelerating the Low Carbon Economy (As You Sow)

One in a series of webinars focused on the rapid growth of green bond issuances and the market response to the financial sector’s increasing recognition of the need for action on climate change.

10 February 2014
Getting Building Codes Right: Implementation and Enforcement

Exploration of the barriers to implementing rigorous enforcement systems for new buildings, including examples of good enforcement, best-practice measures, and lessons learned

6 February 2014
IFC's EDGE Green Buildings Market Transformation Program

Examination of the this program, which engages financiers, developers, regulators and homeowners through the EDGE tool to reveal building design solutions

5 February 2014
Developing a Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Action (NAMA) on Efficient Lighting

Training on developing NAMAs for efficient lighting with a review of the steps that developing countries can take to create the essential elements of a NAMA

29 January 2014
Training Local Workforces to Promote Energy Management in Industry and Buildings

Overview of training programs highlighted in Knowledge and Skills Needed to Implement Energy Management Systems in Industry and Commercial Buildings

23 January 2014
The Grid4EU Project

Introduction to this European Commission project, which will test the potential of smart grids in areas such as renewable energy integration, grid automation, energy storage, energy efficiency, active demand and load reduction

16 January 2014
Towards Energy Access in Haiti

Showcase of work underway in Haiti to support energy access using off-grid renewable energy, featuring a discussion of rural electrification in Haiti and how it can be scaled up and applied elsewhere

15 January 2014 to 22 January 2014
SEAD Electric Motor Awards Competition

On entering this international competition for lighting products by the Super-Efficient Equipment and Appliance Deployment Initiative