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22 April 2014
The Role of Micro-Grids in Promoting Access to Energy

Examination of best practices and the potential for long-term sustainability of micro-grids in several geographic contexts, including initiatives and projects underway in Asia and Africa

10 April 2014
Solar Power, Net Metering and the Challenges to the Traditional Utility Model (Center on Global Energy Policy)

An examination of the current regulatory framework and the impact of increased solar deployment on the electric utility business model, with a particular focus on state net metering policies and politics.

2 April 2014 to 30 April 2014
Education and Skills Needs in the Renewable Energy Sector

Discussion of the critical shortage of skilled personnel needed to develop, design, finance, build, operate and maintain renewable energy projects

1 April 2014
Mobilizing Green Bond Market (International Finance Corporation)

A presentation covering the structure of IFC's green bonds, recent program history and lessons learned, as well as an explanation of IFC's approach to climate business.

25 March 2014
Incentives to Attract Clean Energy Projects (Leonardo ENERGY)

A review of incentives that have been adopted globally to make clean and renewable energy projects financially viable.

19 March 2014
IEA's Energy Storage Technology Roadmap

Review of the IEA’s Technology Roadmap: Energy Storage, which examines the role of energy storage technologies within future energy systems

6 March 2014
Jeju Island Smart Grid Project (Korea)

Introduction to this a test-bed project, which has become one of the world’s largest smart grid communities

5 March 2014
Opportunities and Challenges for Rural Off-grid Lighting and Distribution Markets in India

Review of the challenges and opportunities within India's rural off-grid lighting and distribution markets, as well as emerging and innovative distribution models in the off-grid renewable energy sector

27 February 2014
The 2050 Calculator

Introduction to this tool, which can be used to examine the trade-offs and options associated with greenhouse gas mitigation, including how countries develop their own version of the tool

18 February 2014
Green Bonds: Trailblazing Issuers Accelerating the Low Carbon Economy (As You Sow)

One in a series of webinars focused on the rapid growth of green bond issuances and the market response to the financial sector’s increasing recognition of the need for action on climate change.