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Review Past Webinars

11 May 2016
Quality Standards for Energy Access: How International Standards can Support Off-Grid Electrification in Developing Countries

An introduction to the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) system approach to evaluating the status of standardization in low voltage direct current applications as well as non-conventional distribution networks.

27 April 2016
Financial Analysis with RETScreen

Does your clean energy project make financial sense?

27 April 2016
Financial Analysis with RETScreen

Does your clean energy project make financial sense?

21 April 2016
Greening the Grid: Implementing Wind and Solar Power Forecasting

An introduction to the considerations associated with advancing the use of wind and solar forecasts to more efficiently integrate variable renewable energy into the grid.

20 April 2016
The Rapidly Emerging Off-Grid Solar Market

A review of the rapidly emerging off-grid solar market, with highlights from two recent market studies: Off-grid Solar Market Trends Report 2016 and The State of the Global Off-Grid Appliance Market.

19 April 2016
Vocational Training for Energy Access: Impacts and Lessons Learned from Developing Countries

A review of the role of training programs for the long-term sustainability of renewable energy projects relevant to energy access.

12 April 2016
Designing Successful Renewable Energy Targets in Africa: Key Principles and Insights

A discussion of what policymakers and regulators across Africa can do to design more effective targets as they seek to scale up the share of renewable energy in the mix and attract private investment.

5 April 2016
Energy Scenarios to 2040: What it Takes to Reach INDCs and Beyond

A review of the results of a scenario that considers energy systems up to 2040 based on the achievement of the 2030 targets defined in the INDCs as announced at COP 21.

30 March 2016
Renewable Energy Transition: The Future of Renewable Energy Policy

A review of the key findings of the recently published report, RE-TRANSITION: Policy Frameworks for Cost-competitive Renewables, which lays out a new overarching framework for understanding the evolution of renewable energy policy.

29 March 2016
Towards Energy Access in India: The Role of End-user Engagement around Quality Lighting Solutions

A webinar on the recent developments in scaling energy access in rural India, focusing on the role of end-user engagement