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26 May 2016
Inclusive Financing for Distributed Energy Solutions

A review of inclusive financing for distributed energy solutions featuring the experience of two utilities that offer opt-in tariffed on-bill investment programs for building energy upgrades.

25 May 2016
Analyse Financière avec RETScreen

Votre projet d'énergie propre est-il viable financièrement?

24 May 2016
Fostering Cleantech Innovation Ecosystems: The Global Cleantech Innovation Programme & Network

A webinar on fostering cleantech innovation ecosystems that will provide insights drawn from the first two years of operation of the Global Cleantech Innovation Programme and Network.

19 May 2016
Ask an Expert: Clean Energy Policy and Finance Technical Assistance

A chance to learn more about the no-cost technical assistance that the Solutions Center provides via its Ask an Expert program.

18 May 2016
Energy Efficiency for Energy Access: Fighting Fuel Poverty in Developed Economies

A webinar-based training on energy efficiency for energy access, with a focus on the important role played by energy efficiency in the fight against fuel poverty in developed economies.

11 May 2016
Quality Standards for Energy Access: How International Standards can Support Off-Grid Electrification in Developing Countries

An introduction to the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) system approach to evaluating the status of standardization in low voltage direct current applications as well as non-conventional distribution networks.

27 April 2016
Financial Analysis with RETScreen

Does your clean energy project make financial sense?

27 April 2016
Financial Analysis with RETScreen

Does your clean energy project make financial sense?

21 April 2016
Greening the Grid: Implementing Wind and Solar Power Forecasting

An introduction to the considerations associated with advancing the use of wind and solar forecasts to more efficiently integrate variable renewable energy into the grid.

20 April 2016
The Rapidly Emerging Off-Grid Solar Market

A review of the rapidly emerging off-grid solar market, with highlights from two recent market studies: Off-grid Solar Market Trends Report 2016 and The State of the Global Off-Grid Appliance Market.