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20 April 2017
Portfolio Analysis with RETScreen

Training on the Portfolio Analysis Module of RETScreen Expert, a comprehensive clean energy management system which enables professionals to manage energy across a large number of projects, facilities and locations.

19 April 2017
Risk Assessment of Power Projects

A discussion of the outlook of global and regional energy trends, levelized cost of electricity trends, feed-in-tariff systems, benchmarking results between countries, and real case studies of power related projects including Malaysia, Cambodia and Japan.

18 April 2017
The Next Steps in Scaling Finance for Energy Access: Syndicating Deals between Multiple Lenders

An examination of the practical steps needed to launch a new generation of syndicated transactions and crowd in new investors to the decentralized energy sector.

4 April 2017
100% Renewables: Pipe Dream or Reality?

Launching of REN21’s newest report: Renewables Global Futures Report: Great Debates Towards 100% Renewable Energy.

30 March 2017
Towards Universal Energy Access in West Africa: The Role of Distributed Energy Solutions for the Post-Ebola Recovery in Sierra Leone

A webinar to highlight the impact to date, current opportunities, and remaining challenges in scaling distributed energy solutions in West Africa, with a focus on Sierra Leone.

29 March 2017
Research & Innovation Needs for Smart Grid Transition

A discussion of good practice cases of how to identify research and innovation (R&I) needs for the transition towards future smart grids.

14 March 2017
Analyse de la performance avec RETScreen

Formation sur le Module sur l'analyse de la performance de RETScreen Expert, un système complet de gestion d'énergies propres qui permet aux gestionnaires d'énergie de mesurer et de vérifier (M&V) facilement la performance énergétique en continu de bâtiments, d'usines et centrales électriques à travers le monde.

1 March 2017
Scaling Off-grid Energy Grand Challenge for Development: New Partnership Opportunity

A discussion of a new funding opportunity designed to increase private-sector investment in the household solar market and support innovative technology solutions and business models across the household solar value chain that provide, or support the provision of, affordable energy access to low-income households and small businesses across sub-Saharan Africa.

28 February 2017
Powering Healthcare: Approaches to Delivering Sustainable Energy Solutions in the Health Sector

An exploration of different approaches to delivering energy solutions to healthcare facilities in resource-constrained environments.

15 February 2017
Performance Analysis with RETScreen

Training on the Performance Analysis Module of RETScreen Expert, a comprehensive clean energy management system which allows facility energy managers to easily measure and verify (M&V) the actual and ongoing energy performance of buildings, factories and power plants around the world.