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This recent webinar provides an overview of the status of the market for mini-grids in Nigeria.

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15 December 2016
Global Wind Energy Outlook 2016

An overview of the recently released Global Wind Energy Outlook 2016.

10 January 2017 or 12 January 2017
2017 CEM Energy Management Leadership Awards

Presentations on how to participate in the 2017 CEM Energy Management Leadership Awards.

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logo: LEONARDO EnergyOur partners at Leonardo Energy offer online courses on renewables, technology, economics and regulation. Also, the webinar programme of the Clean Energy Regulator Initiative (CERI) addresses the major challenges energy markets are facing, with speakers from relevant regulator networks.

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30 November 2016
Involving Stakeholders in Adoption and Implementation of Building Energy Codes

A presentation of experiences with stakeholder engagement across countries that are members of the International Partnership for Energy Efficiency Cooperation and of Major Economies Forum.

17 November 2016
Distributed Solar on the Grid: Key Opportunities and Challenges

An overview of the USAID Distributed Generation Technical Assistance program along with context for the prospective role of distributed-generation photovoltaic technology in developing countries, followed by a discussion of the key economic and technical challenges and opportunities associated with distributed-generation photovoltaic systems.

15 November 2016
Promoting Clean Mini-Grid Public-Private Partnerships for Rural Electrification in Nigeria

An overview of the status of the market for mini-grids in Nigeria, followed by a discussion of recent developments and the work on clean rural mini-grids that has been done by the Nigerian Energy Support Programme.

10 November 2016
Clean Energy Innovation in Canada

A review of the current landscape for clean innovation in Canada, including the new government’s commitments to transforming to a low-carbon economy and advantages related to the clean technology sector in Canada.

2 November 2016
The Poor People’s Energy Outlook 2016: Putting Poor People at the Heart of National Energy Access Planning

An in-depth look at the newest edition of the Poor People’s Energy Outlook, National Energy Access Planning from the Bottom Up.

27 October 2016
How to Maintain Quality Standards in Rural Electrification

An overview of key issues regarding the importance of maintaining high quality for both the components and the design of rural electrification projects.

26 October 2016
Addressing Challenges in Clean Energy Investment

A discussion of U.S. Department of Energy activities that are addressing clean energy investment challenges.

25 October 2016
Energy Access “Movers and Shakers” Showcase: State of Play and Potential for Scale in sub-Saharan Africa

A webinar featuring the work of some of the most impactful development partners contributing to the scale up of energy access in sub-Saharan Africa

20 October 2016
Supporting Innovation to Reduce Time to Market: The French Policy

An introduction to the Mission Innovation initiative—which aims to achieve clean energy technology performance breakthroughs and cost reductions—followed by a discussion of how energy research and innovation are supported in France led by officials from multiple French ministries.

11 October 2016
Big, Fast and Flexible: Grid Operations for Efficient Variable Renewable Integration

A discussion of three different pathways, along with implementation considerations and examples for each, for enhancing the size and speed of grid operations for efficient variable renewable integration.