Meltemi Community Smart Grid Pilot Site (Webinar)

30 June 2015

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Presentation—Nikos Hatziargyriou and Aris Dimeas: Control Agents for Real Microgrids

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The Clean Energy Solutions Center, in partnership with the International Smart Grid Action Network (ISGAN), hosted this webinar on the Meltemi Community Pilot Site using a living test field to validate intelligent load management.

The Meltemi Community Pilot Site, promoted by the National Technical University of Athens, was recently selected as the most innovative project in the 1st European Innovative SmartGrids Solutions Competition held during the 5th European Technology Platform on SmartGrids General Assembly. The Meltemi site serves as a perfect living test field that has been employed in several European and national R&D projects. It has been used to validate methods of intelligent load management and of increasing use of renewable energy systems.

The “Meltemi” summer camp is a seaside camping area near Athens, Greece, ideal for use as a test bed for functions related to the operation of microgrids, such as emergency and critical grid situations. Meltemi features several distributed generators, including a 40kVA diesel generator, a number of photovoltaic panels, and small residential wind turbines that can partially support the Meltemi camping load in islanded microgrid operation. For more information, please visit

Presentations were be followed by an interactive question and answer session with the audience.


Nikos Hatziargyriou Nikos Hatziargyriou

Professor Nikos Hatziargyriou was born in Athens in 1954. He received the diploma in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering from NTUA (National Technical University of Athens) and the MSC (1979) and PhD (1982) degrees in Electrical Power Engineering from the University of Manchester. He is Chairman and CEO of the Hellenic Distribution Network Operator. Since 1984, he has been with the Power Division of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department of the National Technical University of Athens, and since 1995, he is a full professor in Power Systems. From February 2007 until September 2012, he was Deputy CEO of PPC (Public Power Corporation, the national power utility in Greece), responsible for the Transmission and Distribution Divisions, island DNO and the Center of Testing, Research and Prototyping. He was also executive vice-chair of PPC and vice-chair of PPC Renewables. Prof. Hatziargyriou has significant research experience with participation in more than 60 R&DD Projects, funded by the EU Commission and the power industry, and he has coordinated the EU projects “CARE”, “MORE CARE”, “RISE”, “MICROGRIDS”, “MORE MICROGRIDS”, “MERGE”, among others. He is author of the book “Microgrids: Architectures and Control” and of more than 180 journal publications and 500 conference proceedings papers.

Aris L. DimeasAris L. Dimeas

Dr. Aris L. Dimeas received the diploma in Electrical and Computer Engineering from NTUA (National Technical University of Athens) as well his PhD degree. He is currently senior researcher at Electrical and Computers Engineering Department of NTUA. He has experience in a variety of applications related to power systems operations, renewable energy sources, artificial intelligence on power systems, smart grids and control software development. His specific experience also includes development of control software for demand side management and communication interfaces between energy management systems and SCADAs. Furthermore, he was a consultant (2007-2012) in the department of Non Interconnected Islands of Public Power Corporation (PPC). He was involved with the preparation of the code for energy market in Crete, and he developed simulations of system operation focusing on the concept OF HYBRID STATIONS. In addition, he has collaborated in several studies and practical applications with other sectors/departments of PPC/HEDNO dealing with electronic meters, intelligent networks, and power quality. He is a member of IEEE and the Technical Chamber of Greece.