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20 July 2017
Leveraging Open Data and Analytics toward Universal Access: New Open Source Tool Supports Better Electrification Planning

An introduction to the Electrification Pathways application, a new tool that considers a variety of publicly available data to determine the least-cost options for bringing electricity to areas as small as one square kilometer.

18 July 2017
Tools and Resources for Scaling-up Mini-/Micro-Grids in Tanzania

An exploration of the tools and resources available to mini-grid developers in Tanzania, including the Mini-Grid Information Portal and the new Tanzania Energy Access Mapping tool.

27 June 2017
Towards Universal Energy Access by 2020 in Rwanda: The Role of Government, Multilateral and Private Sector Stakeholder Engagement to Achieve Scale

A webinar highlighting the impact to date, current opportunities and remaining challenges in scaling distributed energy solutions in Rwanda.

15 June 2017
Enabling Technologies: Key role in increasing renewable energy uptake?

A presentation of REN21’s recently released Renewable 2017 Global Status Report and a discussion of current developments in various energy technologies, infrastructure, markets and institutional frameworks that can advance and facilitate expanded deployment of renewable energy.

8 June 2017
Breaking Down Silos: What does linking renewable energy, energy access and energy efficiency really look like?

A webinar on breaking down silos and what linking renewable energy, energy access and energy efficiency really looks like, including a discussion of the progress made to date.

7 June 2017
Renewables Rising: What is driving uptake?

A webinar on the launch of REN21’s flagship report, Renewables 2017 Global Status Report, providing a chance to learn how the renewable energy market evolved over 2016 and what policy developments drove uptake.

6 June 2017
Launching the Renewable Energy Data Explorer: Data and Analysis to Enable Renewable Energy Decisions

A training webinar that will outline several analysis tools within the Renewable Energy Data Explorer that practitioners can use to enable robust decisions.

30 May 2017
Clean Energy Innovation in Mexico

An overview of the goals and vision of clean energy innovation in Mexico, as well as updated information on the Mission Innovation initiative and the innovation challenge on discovering advanced energy materials that Mexico is co-leading in this initiative.

24 May 2017
Best Practices for Decentralized Energy Solutions Focusing on Lighting and Power in Humanitarian Settings

A webinar highlighting the best practices for the nexus of energy access and humanitarian relief, and focusing on the timely and appropriate distribution of decentralized energy solutions for lighting and power.

11 May 2017
Analyse de portefeuille avec RETScreen

Formation sur le module Analyse de portefeuille RETScreen de RETScreen Expert, un système complet de gestion d'énergies propres qui permet aux gestionnaires d'énergie de gérer l'énergie à travers un grand nombre de projets, d'installations et de lieux.