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27 September 2011
Focus on India: Policy Best Practices for Industrial Efficiency

Presentation of a framework with which policymakers can discuss policies and programs to advance industrial efficiency efforts in India

19 July 2011
Financial and Policy Innovations to Support Energy Efficiency: Energy Performance Contracting and On-Bill Financing

Accounts of policies that enable use of energy performance contracting and models of programs that allow on-bill utility financing of energy efficiency improvements

4 May 2011
Building an Innovation and Entrepreneurship Driven Economy: How Policies Can Foster Risk Capital Investment in Renewable Energy

Exploration of how countries can use policies to build clean energy economies by stimulating venture capital investments in new renewable energy companies

5 April 2011
Appliance and Equipment Standards

Presentation of Pushing the Energy Efficiency Envelope through Appliance Standards around the World

24 June 2010
Procuring Green Power through Reverse Energy Auctions (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)

An introduction to procuring green power through reverse energy auctions, including how they work, their potential cost savings benefits and two organizations' experiences with them.