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19 November 2015
Bringing Energy Efficiency to COP21: Lessons from G20 Achievements (Clean Energy Solutions Center)

A webinar highlighting the energy efficiency achievements that have resulted from international cooperation under the G20—and how these offer solutions to the COP21 discussions.

17 November 2015
Tools to Facilitate Mini-grid Deployment

Training on mini-grids tools and resources that practitioners can use during the planning, design and operation of mini-grid projects.

12 November 2015
Implementing Building Energy Codes: Implementation and Compliance Actions

A webinar-based training on building energy codes implementation and compliance actions.

11 November 2015
Driving Geothermal Deployment in Developing Countries (Climate Policy Initiative, Climate Investment Funds)

A webinar sharing recommendations on the effective delivery of public finance from policymakers and development finance institutions to enable fast and cost-effective deployment of geothermal in developing countries.

3 November 2015
Assessing Wind Energy Potential with the New Global Wind Atlas

A demonstration of the newly released Global Wind Atlas—a data set and suite of tools available via the IRENA Global Atlas platform that provides very high-resolution worldwide wind data for the first time.

22 October 2015
Implementing Building Energy Codes: Status of Building Energy Code Development and Implementation Globally and in China, France and the United States

A presentation of the status and key areas for international collaboration in building energy code implementation and compliance, and the experience of code implementation in China, France and the United States.

21 October 2015
REN21 Renewables 2015 Global Status Report: Heating and Cooling

Covering the launch of REN21’s flagship report, the Renewables Global Status Report for 2015, with a focus on heating and cooling.

20 October 2015
Social Media Tools for Energy Access Practitioners—Featuring Facebook

A showcase of how energy service providers and practitioners can effectively use social media tools, in particular the Facebook platform, to increase the reach of their energy access work.

13 October 2015
Energy Storage and Net Metering (Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative)

A “peer connect” webinar in which panelists share their thoughts on how energy storage and net metering impact consumers and the grid itself.

7 October 2015
Auctioning Renewable Energy Projects: Lessons Learned from Auction Design for Renewable Electricity (Leonardo ENERGY)

An examination of crucial design features and important lessons learned from various jurisdictions around the world, with highlights of potential combinations of auctions with other support mechanisms.