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23 January 2014
The Grid4EU Project

Introduction to this European Commission project, which will test the potential of smart grids in areas such as renewable energy integration, grid automation, energy storage, energy efficiency, active demand and load reduction

16 January 2014
Towards Energy Access in Haiti

Showcase of work underway in Haiti to support energy access using off-grid renewable energy, featuring a discussion of rural electrification in Haiti and how it can be scaled up and applied elsewhere

15 January 2014 to 22 January 2014
SEAD Electric Motor Awards Competition

On entering this international competition for lighting products by the Super-Efficient Equipment and Appliance Deployment Initiative

18 December 2013
IEA's Energy Efficient Building Envelope Technology Roadmap

Focus on IEA’s Technology Roadmap: Energy Efficient Building Envelopes, which roadmap presents detailed strategies and actions to transform how buildings are constructed by 2050

13 December 2013
Policies That Work: How Vehicle Standards and Fuel Fees Can Cut CO2 Emissions and Boost the Economy

Presentation of policies intended to improve the energy efficiency of passenger vehicles

11 December 2013
Financing Urban Transportation Policies and Programs

Discussion of low-carbon urban mobility plans with a focus on planning and financing sustainable, low-carbon urban transportation

10 December 2013
Getting Building Codes Right: Lessons Learned on the Road to a Performance-Based Approach

Focus on the importance of adopting a performance-based approach to energy code design to achieve ambitious energy targets

10 December 2013
Financing Urban Transportation Policies and Programs

A webinar intended for city-level officials and technical staff that addresses national urban transport policies and programs for financing, financing practices currently in place, and two major models of financing schemes.

10 December 2013
Open Source Energy System Modelling with OSeMOSYS

Training on OSeMOSYS, an open-source systems optimization model for long-term energy planning that can be used to inform the development of local, national and multi-regional energy strategies

5 December 2013
Smart Grids Model Region Salzburg

Introduction to the Salzburg Model Region Programme, including key findings from the Programme’s 12 projects