Past Clean Energy Webinars

21 January 2021
Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage for the Cement Sector

A discussion about the opportunity that carbon capture can bring to the sustainability of cement manufacture and how governments can ensure an enabling framework to drive projects forward.

10 December 2020
Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage in The Netherlands

A webinar to learn from government and industry experts on the direction the Netherlands is taking in carbon capture.

25 June 2020
Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage in Japan

An overview of the summary report about the The Tomakomai CCS Demonstration Project recently achieving its target of 300 thousand tonnes of CO2 injection, including project results, lessons learned and future issues.

18 June 2020
Key Financing Principles for CCUS

A discussion of the key principles for CCUS financing and the ways to put them into action, especially in Asia.

9 June 2020
How Can U.S. Water Efficiency Standards Inform Worldwide CO2 Reduction?

A webinar covering the energy and climate benefits of water efficiency standards, including a discussion of how water and energy efficiency policy frameworks, structural factors such as water scarcity and population growth, and local technology and building practices can impact water efficiency potential.

21 April 2020
Direct Air Capture of CO2: Helping to Achieve Net-zero Emissions

A webinar about expert interventions on why direct air capture is so important, what types of solutions are available, as well as where some of the key future R&D focus areas might be.

7 April 2020
Networks Promoting Women in Energy

A webinar addressing the different ways networks support and promote women in energy as well as the progress witnessed.

27 March 2020
Women’s Energy Entrepreneurship

A Women’s Energy Entrepreneurship webinar highlighting the data and evidence base around women's entrepreneurship in the energy sector that participants can use to inform policy and program design going forward.

25 March 2020
Energizing sub-Saharan Africa: Cities as an Entry Point

A discussion of the key findings of the recently launched Renewables in Cities Global Status Report, and the challenges and opportunities for renewable energy in sub-Saharan African Cities.

5 March 2020
Progress and Layout for Carbon, Capture, Utilization and Storage in China

An introduction to the latest developments and progress of carbon capture, utilization and storage technology in China.