Past Clean Energy Webinars

21 May 2019
Efficiency for Cooling: Technology and Market Trends

A webinar that will surface emerging market intelligence on efficient off-grid appropriate cooling technologies such as fans, refrigerators, cold chain technologies and ice makers.

19 May 2019
Project Costs for Renewable Generation Projects in the Pacific

A review of key findings from the recently released Renewable Energy Costs in the Pacific report.

8 May 2019
Interconnection of Distributed Generation (DG): Technical and Regulatory Aspects

A discussion about DG interconnection processes and approaches for mitigating impacts of distributed energy resources.

16 April 2019
Vietnam: Corporate Renewable Energy Update

A webinar featuring information about corporate renewable energy opportunities and market developments in Vietnam.

14 March 2019
Progressing CCUS in the UK and Accelerating CCUS Globally: the UK CCUS Action Plan and Outcomes from the Global CCUS Summit

A discussion of recent developments and the future landscape for CCUS in the UK and around the world.

6 March 2019
Utility-Owned Distributed Generation Models

An exploration of the various business models for utility ownership of distributed PV generation, including utility-led community solar, utility rooftop PV programs and utility DG facilitation services.

28 February 2019
Greening the Grid: Utility-Scale Battery Storage

An introduction to the key concepts for understanding the value of battery energy storage systems; a review of the services they can provide to the grid; and an exploration of when, where, why and how they can be deployed economically.

19 February 2019
Efficiency for Agricultural Technologies: An Expert Conversation on Latest Findings, Remaining Gaps and Future Outlook

An expert roundtable discussion about several upcoming research outputs led by various members and partners of the Efficiency for Access Coalition.

13 February 2019
Implementing a Quality Assurance Framework for Microgrid Performance Monitoring in Africa: Examples, Lessons, and Opportunities

A review of electricity access in Africa and private investment in the microgrid sector and the role of the Quality Assurance Framework can play.

13 December 2018
Creating Gender-informed Strategies, Policies and Regulations for Clean Energy Projects and Programs

A webinar highlighting step to take in developing gender-informed energy infrastructure projects, highlighting groundbreaking work being done in West Africa and introducing tools to help guide development of progressive policies and regulations.