Past Clean Energy Webinars

19 February 2019
Efficiency for Agricultural Technologies: An Expert Conversation on Latest Findings, Remaining Gaps and Future Outlook

An expert roundtable discussion about several upcoming research outputs led by various members and partners of the Efficiency for Access Coalition.

13 February 2019
Implementing a Quality Assurance Framework for Microgrid Performance Monitoring in Africa: Examples, Lessons, and Opportunities

A review of electricity access in Africa and private investment in the microgrid sector and the role of the Quality Assurance Framework can play.

13 December 2018
Creating Gender-informed Strategies, Policies and Regulations for Clean Energy Projects and Programs

A webinar highlighting step to take in developing gender-informed energy infrastructure projects, highlighting groundbreaking work being done in West Africa and introducing tools to help guide development of progressive policies and regulations.

11 December 2018
Support Required for Local Off-grid Small and Medium Enterprises

A webinar highlighting the challenges of last-mile distribution and potential solutions for off-grid energy enterprises and companies to scale.

6 December 2018
Public Policy Recommendations to Encourage the Development of a Distributed Solar Generation Market in Sao Paulo

A webinar on policies and conditions to nurture a competitive market for photovoltaic distributed generation, with an emphasis on the commercial and industrial market.

20 November 2018
Introduction to the Global Wind Atlas

A webinar about how users of the Global Wind Atlas can determine the wind resource potential of a country

25 October 2018
Eficiencia Energética en Edificios Públicos

El Clean Energy Solutions Center, en colaboración con el Gobierno de México, está organizando un seminario web sobre eficiencia energética en edificios públicos.

23 October 2018
Empowering Livelihoods: New Research on Off-grid Appliances and Equipment

An exploration of the role of off-grid appliances and equipment in empowering resource-constrained communities.

11 October 2018
Top Ten Best Available Technologies for the U.S. Building Sector

A webinar highlighting a list of energy savings technologies for the U.S. buildings sector that are innovative, reliable, widely available and have good financial value.

8 October 2018
Australian Capital Territory’s Reverse Auctions and Its 100%-by-2020 Renewable Electricity Target

A webinar on the policy context of the Australian Capital Territory Government’s reverse auctions, their design, their evaluation processes, and their outcomes, as well as local investment benefits that have flowed from them.