Past Clean Energy Webinars

19 February 2020
Women Empowerment: Best Practices for the Sustainable Energy Sector

A webinar to answer the question, what can we do to increase women’s employment in the sustainable energy sector?

18 February 2020
REN 21 Presents: Renewables in Cities and Citizen Participation

A presentation of the key findings of REN21’s newly released Renewables in Cities — Global Status Report.

12 February 2020
Modernization of the Energy Charter Treaty (ECT)

A webinar to launch the new report: Modernisation of the Energy Charter Treaty (ECT): A Global Tragedy at a High Cost for Taxpayers.

30 January 2020
Gender-sensitive Energy Policies

A webinar centered on policies and regulations designed to catalyze gender equality in the clean energy sector with a focus on Africa and Latin America.

21 January 2020
A Road Map to At-scale Deployment of Carbon Capture, Use, and Storage

A review of a U.S. road map that builds the case for CCUS in the United States and details three phases of specific actionable recommendations needed to achieve deployment at scale over the next 25 years.

26 November 2019
Cities—The Hidden Gem of the Energy Transition: Launch of REN21’s Renewables in Cities 2019 Global Status Report

A webinar where you can hear how cities are driving the energy transition with renewables, learn what integrated approaches can advance the uptake of sustainable energy in all sectors and discuss how improved policies and regulatory frameworks at all levels can support the transition.

14 November 2019
Approaching Final Investment Decision: CCUS Developments in Norway

An update on recent developments in two CCS project in Norway and plans for the way forward.

13 November 2019
Renewable Energy: Job Opportunities along the Value Chain

A review of job opportunities along the value chain in renewable energy for women and youth and mentoring and training programs supporting them.

21 October 2019
Distributed Photovoltaic Economic Impact Analysis in the Philippines

A webinar focusing on the economic impact analysis of distributed photovoltaics in the Philippines.

15 October 2019
Energy Transition and the Role of Women: Where do we stand today?

The first in a six-part webinar series titled, Gender Equality for a More Rapid and Inclusive Energy Transition.