Past Clean Energy Webinars

25 October 2018
Eficiencia Energética en Edificios Públicos

El Clean Energy Solutions Center, en colaboración con el Gobierno de México, está organizando un seminario web sobre eficiencia energética en edificios públicos.

23 October 2018
Empowering Livelihoods: New Research on Off-grid Appliances and Equipment

An exploration of the role of off-grid appliances and equipment in empowering resource-constrained communities.

11 October 2018
Top Ten Best Available Technologies for the U.S. Building Sector

A webinar highlighting a list of energy savings technologies for the U.S. buildings sector that are innovative, reliable, widely available and have good financial value.

8 October 2018
Australian Capital Territory’s Reverse Auctions and Its 100%-by-2020 Renewable Electricity Target

A webinar on the policy context of the Australian Capital Territory Government’s reverse auctions, their design, their evaluation processes, and their outcomes, as well as local investment benefits that have flowed from them.

4 October 2018
Greening the Grid: Best Practices for Grid Codes for Renewable Energy Generators

An introduction to the essential concepts for understanding renewable energy grid codes and a review of how grid codes have developed in the United States and internationally.

25 September 2018
Global Plan of Action: Mainstreaming Sustainable Energy Solutions in Displacement Settings

A webinar on how the Global Plan of Action Framework works to support and amplify the New York Declaration for Refugees and Migrants, the Agenda for Humanity as well as existing energy/humanitarian interventions, such as the Safe Access to Fuel and Energy (SAFE) Working Group, the UN Refugee Agency’s Global Strategy for SAFE, the World Food Programme’s SAFE initiative, the Moving Energy Initiative and the Smart Communities Coalition.

20 September 2018
Policies to Strengthen the Role of Citizens in the Energy Transition

A webinar on best practices to promote citizens’ participation in the energy transition.

19 September 2018
CCUS in Mexico for a Low Carbon Economy

A discussion of CCUS implementations in Mexico since 2010, including the development of Mexico’s CO2 Geological Storage Atlas and the North American Carbon Sequestration Atlas, as well as the launch of the Mexican CCUS Center in May 2018.

14 September 2018 to 20 May 2019
Off-Grid Solar

The seventh of an eight-module training course by the the International Solar Alliance and the Clean Energy Solutions Center.

13 September 2018 to 13 September 2019
Policies for Distributed PV

The first of an eight-module training course by the the International Solar Alliance and the Clean Energy Solutions Center.