Past Clean Energy Webinars

20 September 2018
Policies to Strengthen the Role of Citizens in the Energy Transition

A webinar on best practices to promote citizens’ participation in the energy transition.

19 September 2018
CCUS in Mexico for a Low Carbon Economy

A discussion of CCUS implementations in Mexico since 2010, including the development of Mexico’s CO2 Geological Storage Atlas and the North American Carbon Sequestration Atlas, as well as the launch of the Mexican CCUS Center in May 2018.

14 September 2018 to 20 May 2019
Off-Grid Solar

The seventh of an eight-module training course by the the International Solar Alliance and the Clean Energy Solutions Center.

13 September 2018 to 13 September 2019
Policies for Distributed PV

The first of an eight-module training course by the the International Solar Alliance and the Clean Energy Solutions Center.

31 July 2018
GeoRePORT: Geothermal Research Portfolio Optimization and Reporting Technique

A webinar on the GeoRePORT System, a resource and project assessment tool used to measure potential and guide development in the geothermal sector.

19 July 2018
Energy Information in the Caribbean: What’s expected, what’s needed, what’s available?

A webinar providing the opportunity for energy professionals working in Caribbean countries to learn about the Caribbean Energy Knowledge Hub project and share their opinions and experiences.

18 July 2018
Grid Interconnection of Mini-Grids

A discussion of the challenges and possible options for mini-grids after the main grid arrives that will include country-specific case studies from Asia and Africa, as well as the potential requirements needed to achieve a relatively seamless interconnection.

26 June 2018
Getting Investment Where It’s Needed: How do we level the playing field?

A review of the key findings from REN21’s Renewables 2018 Global Status Report and an examination of varying investment levels across regions and their impact on access, specifically across developing countries, Africa and India.

21 June 2018
From a Renewable Electricity Transformation to a Renewable Energy System Transformation: Renewables in Heating, Cooling, and Transport

A dive into the status of renewables in the heating, cooling and transport sectors and what is needed to speed the uptake of renewables to meet climate objectives and the Sustainable Development Goals.

6 June 2018
Climate Action in Asian and Pacific Countries: The Implications of NDCs and the Role of Carbon Pricing for the Energy Sector

A webinar discussing these questions: What will be the 2030 levels of energy related GHG emissions in the region? What will NDCs imply for Asian and Pacific countries in terms of mitigation effort and associated costs? And, What are the expected impacts, depending on the carbon pricing policies implemented (sectoral regulations, domestic ETS and linking between national carbon markets), on GHG emissions levels and on the costs of policies?