Performance-Based Regulation: The Power of Outcomes (Part 2) (Webinar)

5 October 2017

RAP logoThe Clean Energy Solutions Center, in partnership with the Regulatory Assistance Project (RAP), hosted this webinar on performance-based regulation.

21CPP logoAdvanced technologies are unleashing the potential for change in power sectors around the globe, transforming the way electricity is generated, delivered, and consumed. These changes hold great promise for a better, cleaner, more reliable and lower cost future. Whether the benefits are achieved will depend on reforming the regulatory approaches to align incentives with desired outcomes.

Performance-based regulation, or PBR, is a necessary tool for regulators and policymakers in this era of fundamental change. In this two-part webinar series, panelists from RAP explored PBR and how it can improve outcomes for utilities, customers, regulators and society at large. Participants in the first webinar, learned the fundamentals of PBR, why it is important, and they heard how policymakers have used PBR to further specific goals in the United States and Europe. In this, the second webinar, RAP explored principles of successful—and not-so-successful—PBR efforts, and laid out considerations for regulators and policymakers who want to take advantage of PBR for better outcomes.

Presentations were followed by an interactive question and answer session with the audience.