Impact of “Phase-Out” Regulations on Lighting Markets and the Associated Policy Implications (Webinar)

31 March 2015

The Clean Energy Solutions Center, in partnership the International Energy Agency’s 4E Implementing Agreement, hosted this webinar on the impact of efforts to phase out inefficient lighting in several countries and regions around the world.

In many parts of the world, the lighting market is experiencing significant transition as a result of regulations to phase out inefficient lighting and the market entry of new products—in particular new types of LEDs. The webinar, and a report (Updated Benchmarking Report Impact of ‘Phase-Out’ Regulations on Lighting Markets) on which the webinar is based, aim to:

  • Compare the approach and stringency of the various phase-out regulations being introduced in Australia, Canada, the European Union, Japan, Korea and the United States.
  • Compare changes in the type of products entering each of these markets, which provide an indication of major outcomes of the various policy implementations to date.
  • Identify changes in the overall average efficiencies of the new products entering the market, which should indicate the direction of longer-term efficiency improvements of products installed in households.
  • Identify key areas of concern for policymakers, including areas where additional or modified policy intervention may be required in the future.

The webinar and report are part of the broader 4E efforts to inform policymakers of potential product policy pathways by benchmarking the performance of energy-consuming products across international borders.


Stuart JeffcottStuart Jeffcott

Stuart Jeffcott has been working in energy efficiency for over 25 years. Stuart is currently the lead contractor for the IEA 4E’s Mapping and Benchmarking activities which seek to inform policymakers of potential product policy pathways through the benchmark of the performance of energy consuming products across international borders. However, over the last 15 years, much of Stuart’s focus has been on assisting policymakers in the Asia Pacific region develop product policy, particularly in the development and implementation of more efficient lighting. Stuart has worked with the Australian and Chinese governments in their development and implement of incandescent phase-out programs and, until the transfer of responsibilities to the United National Environment Programme (UNEP), Stuart was the operating agent for the initiative (and supported the preceding CFLI and Eco-Asia activities).