Renewable Energy Webinars

We have offered dozens of training webinars on priority clean energy policy topics that policymakers in countries around the world can adapt for their own use. Many expert panelists and thousands of policymakers and others have participated in these unique training opportunities. Please consider joining us for one of our upcoming webinars. Or, browse the recorded webinars listed below.

Review of the challenges and opportunities within India's rural off-grid lighting and distribution markets, as well as emerging and innovative distribution models in the off-grid renewable energy sector Learn more.
Showcase of work underway in pay-as-you-go technologies and business models that Energy Access Practitioner Network members are testing and scaling Learn more.
An introduction to the fundamentals of performance-based regulation (PBR), why it is important and how policymakers have used PBR to further specific goals in the United States and Europe. Learn more.
An exploration of some of the principles of successful—and not-so-successful—performance-based regulation (PBR) PBR efforts, along with considerations for regulators and policymakers who might want to take advantage of PBR. Learn more.
Review of best practices for deploying wind energy, with an overview of global deployment by 2050, development of a national wind technology roadmap, and the integration of wind energy into flexible power systems Learn more.
En la sesión se analizará la situación actual del acceso a energía eléctrica y el desafío para lograr el acceso universal a la energía en las regiones de América Latina y el Caribe, y ofrecerá ideas sobre por qué la planificación es tan importante, así como las mejores prácticas para realizarla. Learn more.
Sharing of experiences and lessons learned in deploying policy-derisking instruments to promote renewable energy investment Learn more.
An overview of the key findings of the recently released Systems of the Future:A 21st Century Power Partnership Thought Leadership Report and a discussion of the transformation pathways in Mexico and South Africa Learn more.
A webinar on policies and conditions to nurture a competitive market for photovoltaic distributed generation, with an emphasis on the commercial and industrial market. Learn more.
A review of the Readiness for Investment in Sustainable Energy project, which provides data to help policymakers evaluate the policy and regulatory frameworks for private investment in economically and environmentally sustainable energy. Learn more.