The Response by Flexibility on Electricity Project (Webinar)

29 October 2013
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Presentation: Introduction to the AM webinar and panelists

Presentation: Introduction to the PM webinar and panelists

Presentation: REFLEXE—Electrical Flexibility

Transcript—Webinar audio transcript—AM session

Transcript—Webinar audio transcript—PM session

The Clean Energy Solutions Center, in partnership with the International Smart Grid Action Network (ISGAN) and the Global Smart Grid Federation, hosted this webinar on the Response by Flexibility on Electricity (Reflexe) project. Reflexe is a Smart Grid research project led by Veolia Environnement and is a part of France’s “Investments for the Future” program. This webinar focused on providing an overview of Reflexe and discussing the key findings from the project, which is aimed at implementing a Smart Grid pilot for three and a half years in France's Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region. The project is designed to test the viability of energy aggregation by managing sites that produce and consume electricity (tertiary, industry, renewable energy, etc.) to assess:

  • Technical feasibility
  • The most appropriate economic models and the associated benefits for various stakeholders
  • The environmental benefits for individual sites and regions.


Yves BertoneYves Bertone, Smart Grid and Electromobility Deputy Director and Coordinator of Consortium Projects, Reflexe (Smart Grid) and Yeloforever (Electromobility), VEOLIA Environnement

After training in electro-mechanical engineering with specialty in electricity grid in France and Great Britain, Yves Bertone began his career in international projects in extra high voltage for Merlin Gerin, and then worked in a distribution network for local authorities and industries at Schneider Electric. In 2001, he joined Mafelec Crouzet to structure the railway market. In 2005, he developed a new service for Schneider Electric France: Performance Contracts in Energy. He joined Dalkia in 2009 and managed the Energy Management Methods and Tools department. Since 1 January 2012, he has coordinated the consortia for two projects: Reflexe (Smart Grid) and Yeloforever (Infrastructure for electrical vehicle).

Axel StrangAxel Strang, Policy Advisor on Smart Grids, Energy Storage and Hydrogen, French Ministries of Energy &Environment

Following his Masters’ in Materials Science and Engineering at the Ecole des Mines de Nancy, Axel received his Masters’ and Ph.D. in Aeronautics and Astronautics from Stanford University. He is currently a green technologies policy advisor on smart grids, energy storage and hydrogen at the General Directorate for Energy and Climate Change (DGEC), for the French Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy.