Enabling the Clean Energy Transition: The Development of Sweden's Energy Policy and Becoming 100% Renewable (Webinar)

20 July 2016

Previously one of the most fossil fuel dependent countries in the region, Sweden today is the EU Member State with the highest share of renewables. During his presentation, Mr. Widell spoke about this structural change and the policies that have made the greatest impact. He talked about the new long-term energy policy agreement that aims for 100 per cent renewables by 2040 and other current priorities for the development of the Swedish energy system. As part of the presentation, Mr. Widell described the relationship between the development of European Union and Member States’ energy policies. Finally, he addressed Sweden´s international engagement to support the global clean energy transition and the current collaboration with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.


Per-Anders WidellPer-Anders Widell, Deputy Director, Ministry of Environment and Energy, Sweden

Since 2010, Per-Anders Widell has worked for the Swedish Government´s Division for Energy Policy, which is a part of the Ministry of the Environment and Energy. His main responsibilities are within international collaboration, clean energy technologies and energy efficiency. Previously, Per-Anders worked as Sweden´s Permanent Representation to the EU and the European Parliament, both in Brussels. He holds a Master´s degree in Economics from Linköping University and during his studies, he spent one year at University of New Mexico, as part of an exchange program, studying Political Science and Portuguese.