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This recent webinar introduces the Mission Innovation initiative and reviews the key policies and programs aimed at accelerating clean energy innovation in India, including innovative models of government-industry collaboration in transitioning new technologies from the laboratory to the marketplace.

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25 October 2016
Energy Access “Movers and Shakers” Showcase: State of Play and Potential for Scale in sub-Saharan Africa

A webinar featuring the work of some of the most impactful development partners contributing to the scale up of energy access in sub-Saharan Africa

26 October 2016
Addressing Challenges in Clean Energy Investment

A discussion of U.S. Department of Energy activities that are addressing clean energy investment challenges.

27 October 2016
How to Maintain Quality Standards in Rural Electrification

An overview of key issues regarding the importance of maintaining high quality for both the components and the design of rural electrification projects.

2 November 2016
The Poor People’s Energy Outlook 2016: Putting Poor People at the Heart of National Energy Access Planning

An in-depth look at the newest edition of the Poor People’s Energy Outlook, National Energy Access Planning from the Bottom Up.

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logo: Regulatory Assistance Project (RAP)3 November 2016

More is Less: Environmentally Beneficial Electrification
Join Keith Dennis of the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association and Ken Colburn and Jim Lazar of the Regulatory Assistance Project for this webinar exploring environmentally beneficial electrification.

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logo: LEONARDO EnergyOur partners at Leonardo Energy offer online courses on renewables, technology, economics and regulation, including this coming webinar series on the architecture of new RES support schemes. Also, the webinar programme of the Clean Energy Regulator Initiative (CERI) addresses the major challenges energy markets are facing, with speakers from relevant regulator networks.

Review Past Webinars

20 October 2016
Supporting Innovation to Reduce Time to Market: The French Policy

An introduction to the Mission Innovation initiative—which aims to achieve clean energy technology performance breakthroughs and cost reductions—followed by a discussion of how energy research and innovation are supported in France led by officials from multiple French ministries.

11 October 2016
Big, Fast and Flexible: Grid Operations for Efficient Variable Renewable Integration

A discussion of three different pathways, along with implementation considerations and examples for each, for enhancing the size and speed of grid operations for efficient variable renewable integration.

27 September 2016
Renewables Tagger: A New Climate Tagger Feature, Developed by IRENA and REEEP

An introduction to the Renewables Tagger—a new tool for publishers of online content related to renewable energy—including an explanation of the tool’s technical background, a description of the knowledge system behind the tool and an explanation of how new content was created with the input of domain experts.

20 September 2016
Energy Efficiency for Energy Access: The Role of Social Innovation in Driving Change

A webinar on energy efficiency for energy access, with a focus on the growing role of social innovation in addressing energy efficiency and energy access.

14 September 2016
Accelerating Clean Energy Innovation in India

An introduction to the Mission Innovation initiative followed by a review of the key policies and programs aimed at accelerating clean energy innovation in India, including innovative models of government-industry collaboration in transitioning new technologies from the laboratory to the marketplace.

7 September 2016
Planning for Energy Access: Assessing Electrification Options

A webinar on assessing electrification options for energy access planning and a discussion of critical points in decision-making for planning electrification strategies.

30 August 2016
Productive Uses of Energy: Unlocking Socioeconomic Benefits and Economic Viability of Energy Access Infrastructure

An overview of tools, methods and approaches—including state of the art research findings—for promoting entrepreneurial activities within energy access interventions.

20 July 2016
Enabling the Clean Energy Transition: The Development of Sweden's Energy Policy and Becoming 100% Renewable

A presentation about speak about structural changes in Sweden and and the policies have made the greatest impact in the country.

20 July 2016
La prévision de la demande en électricité en milieu rural Africain

Prévision de la demande en électricité dans un contexte de pays en développement, plus particulièrement en milieu rural Africain.

19 July 2016
Powering Healthcare: The State of Play in Health Facility Electrification

An exploration of the role energy plays in strengthening health systems, particularly the functionality of health facilities and the services provided in them.