Clean Energy Policy Training Webinars

We offer training webinars on clean energy policy topics for policymakers around the world. Please join us for an upcoming webinar.

Upcoming Solutions Center Webinars

9 February 2016
A webinar-based training on how to use the RETScreen Clean Energy Management Software for policy.   Learn more.
10 February 2016
A review of the key results, best practice examples, and recommendations for fostering energy end user involvement from the International Smart Grid Action Network (ISGAN) Annex 7 and the S3C (Smart Consumer, Smart Customer, Smart Citizen) project.   Learn more.
17 February 2016
Training on energy efficiency for energy access, with a focus on the importance of appliance efficiency in resource-constrained settings.   Learn more.
23 February 2016
A presentation of the work of the G20 Energy Efficiency Finance Task Group, which aims to enhance global financial flows towards energy efficiency, highlighting the progress achieved and the key next steps.   Learn more.
1 March 2016
Une formation, sous forme de webinaire, sur la façon d’utiliser le Logiciel de gestion d'énergies propres RETScreen pour les politiques.   Learn more.
27 April 2016
Does your clean energy project make financial sense?   Learn more.
25 May 2016
Votre projet d'énergie propre est-il viable financièrement?   Learn more.