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27 June 2013
Sustainable Energy for All's New Global Tracking Framework

Presentation of the first Global Tracking Framework report, which reviews 180 countries’ status with respect to action on energy access, energy efficiency and renewable energy, and energy consumption

27 June 2013
IEA's New Publication: Transition to Sustainable Buildings: Strategies and Opportunities to 2050

Dissemination of findings from this new publication, which examines the role of technologies and policies in transforming the way energy is used in the buildings sector

20 June 2013
Benchmarking of Countries' Energy Efficiency

Discussion of the benchmarking of energy efficiency performances and policies, including information about how country comparisons can be carried out

13 June 2013
Breaking Through the Information Barrier

Exploration of ways of making information on energy technologies and practices freely available and how policymakers can use such information to drive implementation

12 June 2013
Policy Derisking for Renewable Energy

Sharing of experiences and lessons learned in deploying policy-derisking instruments to promote renewable energy investment

6 June 2013 to 11 June 2013
Danish Toolkit on Energy Efficiency in New Buildings

Introduction to this toolkit, which offers concrete recommendations on how to realize the energy efficiency potentials of new buildings

22 May 2013
Institutionalizing Energy Training on Rural Electrification

Presentation of current approaches to developing local capacity by institutionalizing training on rural electrification in developing countries

14 May 2013
IEC's Discount Packages to Access Sustainable Energy Standards for Rural Electrification

Highlighting of the International Electrotechnical Commission’s work on renewable energy standards, including an exploration of global quality standards

26 April 2013
Clean Energy Policy Analysis with RETScreen

Introduction to this toolkit, which aims to provide appropriate and effective policy support tools for those designing, implementing, and monitoring compliance with clean energy policy

12 March 2013
Unleashing Climate and Energy Knowledge with Linked Open Data and Consistent Terminology

Training on how energy data can be categorized automatically and consistently to break down barriers to information access