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Review Past Webinars

13 June 2012
Global Cool Cities: Tools for Cooling Urban Heat Islands

Conversation about how cool roof and pavement materials can mitigate urban island heat effects and lower energy costs

12 June 2012
Measuring the "Smartness" of the Electricity Grid

Training for policymakers designing smart grid policies — defines what makes an electricity grid "smart" and proposes a method of measuring smartness

11 June 2012
Financing Clean Energy Solutions in Developing Nations

Training covering energy access, end-user finance, enabling environments for project development, and small and growing clean energy businesses in developing countries, including case studies

10 May 2012
Tracking Clean Energy Progress: Where do we stand and how do we get back on track?

Discussion of these new report's key findings and a preview of the detailed analysis that will come in Energy Technology Perspectives 2012

19 March 2012
REN21 Renewables 2011 Global Status Report

Annual overview of the renewable energy market, industry, investment and policy development worldwide

24 January 2012
Standards and Labels: Transforming the Market for Energy Efficient Appliances

Discussion of the development of an appliance and equipment energy efficiency standards and labeling program, including a case study from Ghana

1 December 2011 to 19 April 2012
Course on Regulation and Sustainable Energy in Developing Countries (Leonardo ENERGY)

A series of 10 recorded webinars on establishing regulations, feed-in tariffs, tradable renewable energy certificates, enabling finance in renewable energy projects, as well as other topics.

17 November 2011
Enhancing International Smart Grid Collaboration and Policymaking through the Smart Grid Maturity Model

Introduction of the SGMM, a tool intended to help utilities develop a smart grid vision and roadmap, refine that vision with stakeholders, and measure their progress

27 September 2011
Focus on India: Policy Best Practices for Industrial Efficiency

Presentation of a framework with which policymakers can discuss policies and programs to advance industrial efficiency efforts in India

19 July 2011
Financial and Policy Innovations to Support Energy Efficiency: Energy Performance Contracting and On-Bill Financing

Accounts of policies that enable use of energy performance contracting and models of programs that allow on-bill utility financing of energy efficiency improvements