Expert Assistance Partnerships

Renewable Energy Policy Advice Network (REPAN)

Helping Advance Renewable Energy Deployment Worldwide

The Clean Energy Solutions Center and the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) joined forces in 2013 to launch the Renewable Energy Policy Advice Network (REPAN)—a collaboration that leverages both organizations’ resources by coordinating a global network of experts and practitioners to help countries design and implement renewable energy policies and programs.

The Latest from REPAN

The full Solar Water Heating Techscope Market Readiness Assessment, developed through REPAN, will support the efforts of decision makers in these small island development nations to further develop their countries’ solar water heating markets.

REPAN Successes

Since its launch, REPAN has employed the latest thinking and best practices in renewable energy policy to help countries commit to concrete actions that advance renewable energy deployment. Among its accomplishments, REPAN has:

  • Helped accelerate adoption of organic waste-to-energy systems on islands by developing a report that focuses on barriers to implementation that policies must be designed to overcome
  • Developed solar water heating readiness assessments for Mauritius and Seychelles
  • Conducted Renewables Readiness Assessments of the country-wide conditions for clean energy development and deployment in Nicaragua, Mauritania, Mongolia and Mauritius
  • Provided on-site expert assistance for renewable energy policymakers from Africa and the Pacific Islands, focusing on designing policies and programs that are compatible with renewable energy target-setting objectives
  • Reviewed Grenada’s national energy policy and plans, providing recommendations that included setting achievable renewable energy targets and adopting policies and measures to encourage investment

REPAN Services

Under REPAN, advice and assistance is offered in several distinct areas:

  • No-cost, fast-response consultations—often through on-site assistance—on renewable energy policy and program strategies, regulations, and standards through the Solutions Center Ask an Expert service, and expanding the service to include additional experts from developing countries; on policies to accelerate the market introduction of renewable energy in countries around the world
  • Renewables Readiness Assessments, which are conducted in eight countries each year, recommend specific actions for promoting renewables
  • Expert assistance for developing renewable energy and grid integration roadmaps boost the share of renewable energy on power grids in in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Expert assistance for establishing stable regulatory frameworks that encourage deployment of renewable energy.

Other Assistance Partners

In addition to our partnership with IRENA, we are partnering with these organizations to provide clean energy policy assistance:

And, these and other partners serve on our pool of policy experts.

  • CLASP (Collaborative Labeling & Appliance Standards Program)
  • Climate Policy Initiative
  • Dalkia Energy Services
  • Enerdata
  • Global Cool Cities Alliance
  • Institute for Industrial Productivity
  • Regulatory Assistance Project
  • The Energy and Resources Institute
  • United Nations Environment Programme