Clean Energy Policy News

11 April 2019
A new report from the Global Buildings Performance Network recommends actions for achieving deep energy savings from the residential building sector while generating a wide range of economic, environmental and social opportunities. Learn more.
10 April 2019
Four companies contracted by Beyond the Grid Fund for Zambia have now sold 100,000 connections to clean energy to customers in rural and peri-urban areas, reaching more than 500,000 people in total. Learn more.
9 April 2019
Sweden is a global leader in building a low-carbon economy, with the lowest share of fossil fuels in its primary energy supply among all IEA member countries and the second-lowest carbon-intensive economy. Learn more.
2 April 2019
The decade-long trend of strong growth in renewable energy capacity continued in 2018 with global additions of 171 gigawatts, according to new data released today by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). The annual increase of 7.9 per cent was bolstered by new additions from solar and wind energy, which accounted for 84 per cent of the growth. A third of global power capacity is now based on renewable energy. Learn more.
1 April 2019
The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) has launched the very first microgrid hub designed to help commercial and industrial companies to develop low-carbon microgrids. It will act as a “living library” where companies can browse and submit examples of existing projects. It already features case studies by ABB, Schneider Electric, Eaton, CIAA and IAMGOLD Corporation and others. Learn more.
26 February 2019
In support of its continued focus on promoting the key role of energy efficiency, the International Energy Agency has launched a new web resource dedicated entirely to energy service companies. Learn more.
18 February 2019
Countries at the forefront of the energy transformation are getting more than a third of their energy from variable renewables such as solar and wind, and they are doing it in cost-effectively, according to a first-of-a-kind mapping and analysis of innovations, launched by the International Renewable Energy Agency today in Brussels. Learn more.
24 January 2019
Ireland will host the International Energy Agency’s fourth annual Global Conference on Energy Efficiency, which will take place in Dublin this year on 24 June. Learn more.
12 January 2019
Abu Dhabi Fund for Development (ADFD) and the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) today announced the selection of renewable energy projects in Guyana, Liberia and Togo for funding by ADFD, as part of the sixth cycle of the IRENA/ADFD Project Facility. Learn more.
10 January 2019
Heads of state and governments, more than 120 ministers and representatives from 160 countries will gather this week to engage in high-level discussions to accelerate renewable energy deployment in support of the sustainable development goals and global climate objectives, as the officials will attend the ninth Assembly of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). Learn more.